Postojna Jama – a system of extensive caves in Slovenia, located near the town of Postojna. The length of karst caves is over 20 km. Postojna-Yama – one of the longest cave systems in the world and one of the most famous and visited attractions of Slovenia. In the year the cave is visited by more than 30 million person. For tourists open and equipped with more than 5 km cave space.


Postojna-Yama appeared thanks to the Pivka River, which washed away karst rocks. Inside a constant temperature of 10 degrees Therefore, this should be taken into account when visiting a cave in the summer and grab warm things.

The first mention of the cave belongs to the 17th century. Detailed studies were conducted in the early 19th century. In 1819 Postojna Pit was open to the public. And pretty quickly has gained popularity. During the First World War, the cave the system was used to transport Italian troops to the rear the Austrians.

Movement along the Postojna-YameGetting around Postojna-Yame

For movement through the caves using a special underground Railway.

Inside the cave you can see the exciting karst formations, stalagmites and vast underground spaces. Also Many endemic and rare species of animals live here.

Cost of attendance

  • Adults – 38 euros.
  • Students (16-25 years old) – 30 euros.
  • Children – 23 euros.

Tickets can be purchased on the official website.

Official site.

Operation mode

In winter and late autumn from 10.00 to 15.00. In the spring and summer from 9.00 till 5 pm (6 pm – July, August).

Video – Postojna Yama

Postojna Jama on Slovenia map

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