Portorož, Slovenia: the most detailed information about the city Portorož with photo and video, location on the map.

Portorož City (Slovenia)

Portorož – a city in Slovenia, located on the coast Adriatic Sea. This is one of the main resort centers. Slovenia and the Adriatic, which administratively refers to municipality of Piran.

Beaches of Portorož Portorož Beaches

The history of Portorož is directly connected with neighboring Piran. City itself began to develop in the late 19th century with the advent of fashion resorts. Already in the early 20th century, Portorož turned into one of the largest resort centers of the Adriatic coast.

Portorož winter Portorož in winter

What can Portorož offer? Rest and all for rest. Here you you will not find interesting sights, beautiful places, for these need to go to Piran. This is a 100% resort – hotels, beaches, restaurants, bars and other attributes of rest.

Adriatic Sea Adriatic sea

But what Portorož can offer for a holiday is quite enough – comfortable climate, clean and warm sea, equipped beaches and good infrastructure. On the coast works a lot restaurants and bars that are ready not only to feed the tourists but also entertain them.

Portoroz Hotels Portoroz Hotels

Portorož offers many accommodation options from expensive hotels with private pools and beaches, to affordable hotels and apartments. So if you like a beach holiday, the Mediterranean and Adriatic, you should like it here.

Video – the city of Portorož

Portorož on Slovenia map

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