Porec (Croatia)

Porec (Croatia) – the most important sights with photos and description. Detailed information about the city and interesting routes Porech on the map.


Porec is a small resort town located in the Western Istria in Croatia on the Adriatic coast. Despite small size the city boasts two thousand years history, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, ancient monuments and landmarks.

Panorama of the city of Porec Panorama Porec

Porec is located in northern Croatia among beautiful nature blue lagoons and forests. Despite its small size, the city is one of the main tourist centers of the coast of Istria. Porec – this is a real Adriatic pearl, a tiny seaside a town that offers not only excellent service, but also a special one cozy atmosphere: nice restaurants and coffee houses with traditional and Italian cuisine, shops and souvenir shops, narrow medieval streets and amazing views of the Adriatic Sea with yachts and fishing boats.

Sunset over the sea - Porec Sunset over the sea – Porec

Poreč is a multinational and multicultural city. Walking on the city can be found traces of the Romans, ready, francs, Byzantines, Slavs, Venetians, Austrians.

Almost 2000 years ago, the site of the modern city was located Roman city of Parentium. Due to its good location in depth convenient bay he grew rapidly and grew rich. In the 3rd century it appeared here the Christian community, and in the 4th century the main landmark of the city – Euphrasian Basilica.

Porec Panorama Panorama Poreč

From the 5th century to the 13th century, after the fall of the Roman Empire, the city constantly passed from hand to hand. It was owned by: Lombards Ostrogoths, Franks, Byzantines, Slavs. In the 13th century, Porec became part of Republic of Venice and remained in its composition for 5 centuries.

Old streets of PorecOld streets of Porec

In the 18th century, Porec became part of Austria-Hungary. After the First World War War city became part of Italy, and after the Second World War – Yugoslavia. In 1991, with the breakup of Yugoslavia, Poreč became part of Croatia

The climate of the city is Mediterranean. Very comfortable with warm dry summers and mild winters. The swimming season lasts from May to October. In the summer, fresh sea breeze often blows from the sea, which does not gives roam the heat.

View of the Adriatic Sea from the embankment View of Porec Bay from the embankment

Porec is connected by bus routes to many major cities. Croatia, as well as with some cities in Italy and Slovenia. Of Venice can be reached by sea by boat. Find out the schedule and buy tickets online here -https: //www.autotrans.hr

Croatia has its own currency – Kuna. You can exchange money in exchange points or withdraw from a bank card at ATMs (the most the best way).

Cuisine and traditional dishes

In Porec, you can find many cozy restaurants with Traditional Istrian and Italian cuisine. Istrian cuisine – This is the tradition of cooking using gifts. fertile land and sea.

Local restaurants Local small restaurants

Traditional dishes:

  • Istrian Beef Meat Dishes
  • Various grilled seafood
  • Mussels and Oysters
  • Dried pork with spices – prshut
  • Ombolo – pork marinated in garlic and roasted in wine grill
  • Truffles
  • Omelet with asparagus
  • Cod pate
  • Soup – warm red wine with olive oil, pepper and baked bread


The main reason why tourists go to Porec is the presence of clean the sea and lots of great beaches. Here developed and The following sea cleanness rating is applied: blue indicates high quality sea, green – you can swim in the sea, yellow – moderately polluted sea, swimming is not recommended, red color – heavily polluted sea, not swimming recommended.

Poreč Beaches Beaches Poreč

Poreč Beaches:

  • City beach stretches along the southern part of the city. Here clean sea and great service
  • Valeta Beach – 100 meters long artificial beach
  • Borik Beach is located in the northern part of Porec overlooking old town at the very foot of the forest
  • Parentium beach at the hotel of the same name – excellent pebble beach and very clean sea
  • Beach Materada North in the bay Sveti Martin – equipped city ​​beach in northern Porec
  • Brulo – a half mile beach located in a picturesque bay surrounded by ancient pines
  • Doni Spadici – city beach in the northern part of the city in a pair kilometers from the center with a very clear sea. Perfect for youth

Sights of Porec

The small town of Porec can offer very interesting attractions. The two thousand year history of the city goes away rooted in the roman past. The Romans laid the foundation of the city, layout, built the first city walls. On the streets one can discover interesting historical buildings of the Romanesque and Venetian periods.

Street Decamunas The outside Decamunas

The old town of Porec boasts an original antique street layout. City walls were built between 12 and 18 century. They repeat the outlines of the ancient Roman fortress and in some places are well preserved.

North Tower North tower

In the north-eastern part of Porec, you can see the ruins. The north tower, which was built in the 15th century and fragments of old urban fortifications.

Roman ruins in Marafor Square Roman ruins in the square of Marafor

The main street of the historic center – Dekamunas, goes to Marafor Square, where the Roman Forum used to be located. Fragments of it can still be found here. In Roman times Poreč Empire was the largest city of Istria. The forum has been the temples of Mars and Neptune, which were the largest on Adriatic coast.

Pentagonal TowerPentagonal tower

At the beginning of Dekamunas street, towards the historical center the city, is located the Gothic pentagonal tower, built in 15 century as part of the city fortifications.

Romanesque building in PorecRomanesque building in Porec

At the intersection of the main street of the historic center square Marafor is an ancient Romanesque building of the 13th century. Also on Dekamunas street is a 15th century old gothic house in Venetian style. And on the street of sv. Maura is a one-story house 14 century in the Romanesque style with figures of two saints.

Panorama of the Old TownPanorama of the Old Town

On People’s Square a round tower of the 15th century has been preserved, the terrace of which is now located cafe.

Euphrasian BasilicaEuphrasian Basilica

Euphrasian Basilica – the main attraction of Porec. Old Basilica of the 4th Century, listed as a World Heritage Site UNESCO, which preserved the mosaic of the Byzantine period. Building is a three-nave church with a high tower, which stands out in the architecture of the city.

Also quite interesting building is the municipality – a beautiful baroque building that in the 13th century was occupied by the Franciscan church.

For lovers of museums in Porec there is a history museum, in which contains collections of the Roman period, paintings, sculptures and historical documents.

Video – Porec City

The route to the main attractions of Porec

The route to the main attractions of Porec

Porec on a map of Croatia

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