Panagia Sumela

Panagia Sumela (Turkey) – detailed information with photos, video and location on the map.

Panagia Sumela (Turkey)

Panagia Sumela is an ancient Orthodox monastery located in the Black Sea region of Turkey south of Trabzon. is he built on a narrow ledge of a steep cliff among picturesque mountains and forests. Panagia Sumela – one of the oldest and most beautiful monasteries of the world, famous for colorful murals.


The monastery is located near the town of Macka, 30 km south of Trabzon Panagia Sumela is located in the national Park Altındere at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level.

Getting there: From Trabzon, drive to Maçka. Next you need find dolmush in park Altındere.

Until 2019, the monastery is under reconstruction. Before her the end of Panagia Sumelu can only be viewed from parties.

Panagia Sumela in winter Panagia Sumela in winter


The monastery of Panagia Sumela was founded in the 4th century BC. In the 6th century it was destroyed by the Arabs and later rebuilt. In the period of Byzantium enjoyed considerable influence and privilege. In the 14-15 century, these the land was occupied by the Turks. Interestingly, the Ottomans retained the rights and the freedom of the monastery and its greatest flourishing fell on 18-19 century. Everything changed in the 20th century after the First World War. The Greek diaspora was evicted, and the monastery was abolished

According to legend, the monastery was founded by two monks who found here in the cave is an ancient icon of the Virgin, written by the apostle Luka.

Panagia Sumela Panagia Sumela


Architecturally Panagia Sumela reminds rock churches Cappadocia. The monastery is actually built on a rock that produces a strong impression. The complex consists of a rocky ancient church, the chapel, the kitchen, the library, the guest house and the monastic cells, and also a ruined aqueduct that collected water.

Fresco Murals

The oldest part of the monastery is the rock church, carved right in the cave. The church contains beautiful frescoes 17-18 century.


Panagia Sumela on the map of Turkey

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