Overview of the toys produced in Thailand

For a complete knowledge of the world around us, a child needs toys. Parents should develop aesthetic taste from an early age. when he only begins to be interested in bright objects. Baby toys in Thailand, original, they differ from similar products of other producing countries. For their manufacture are taken only natural ingredients that are painted safe paints.

Wooden Toys

Even in ancient times, local craftsmen hewn toys from wood. Despite the lack of high technology, they made them high quality and in stock. Modern wooden Toys in Thailand are offered to parents in the following varieties:

  • doll furniture for girls;
  • aesthetic musical instruments miniatures taste;
  • developmental kits, thanks to which the child becomes attentive and improves finger motility.

Wooden toys in Thailand

Wooden Thai taxi or tuk-tuk

Latex toys

From Thailand to Russia via Thai customs latex toys (read more about what’s best bring from Thailand). Their basis is the material created from rubber tree sap. Hypoallergenic quality natural product allows it to be used in the manufacture of various game items. Latex toys in Thailand practically weightless. It is convenient to take them for a walk and a trip, they do not distort their form and quickly return to their original form after pressure. Because kids love to swim with toys, they can fearlessly give latex products – they do not shed. During the fuss the child develops all perceptual skills with them. Latex added to the details of the designer Lego by the kids.

Separate development are Thai toys that convey images of popular movie characters. it all kinds of robots and animals, people and not existing in reality characters Products for children’s fun in this category are the result of manual labor.

Unusual toys

Special attention is given to the toy Eco-house from Thailand Through it, the manufacturer gave the image multi-storey building. Inside it is furnished with furniture, dishes and various household trifles up to waste bins. Playing with such House teaches the child to protect the environment. Classes with Eco-house is so fascinating that even adult family members It will be difficult to refuse to participate in the game. Main manufacturers of children’s eco-houses in Thailand are: Voila and Plan Toys.

Ecohouse from Thailand

Stuffed Toys

Kids have always been considered to be soft toys. With their choosing to pay attention to:

  • Thai cat;
  • funny ducklings;
  • hare pairs;
  • cute cubs.

They are made very high quality of the best материалов.Soft toys in Thailand

Можно встретить даже вязаные игрушки

When visiting the children’s store, parents will definitely notice flavored toys from Thailand. From them A light chocolate or fruity flavor. A nice bonus to the smell is colorful items for fun.

On New Year’s Eve in Thailand, the store shelves are made up themed products and artificial Christmas trees. They are so good and high quality that look almost like natural. For holiday Songkran batch manufacturers produce water pistols and all sorts of devices that allow pouring participants of the celebration with water.

Soft toys in Thailand

This is how soft toys are sold in Thailand (pikabu.ru)


Summing up our review, we want to say that any kids thai toy masters make with soul, qualitatively and only from tested for environmental purity of raw materials. Designers work tirelessly. Thanks to their Every boy and girl will find a toy for himself, corresponding to interests and age.

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