Overstay or how to live in Thailand illegally

If you hit on overstay and Are you interested in living in Thailand illegally? I recommend using the following tips:

What is an overstay? Overstey is violation of the rules of stay of a foreign citizen in Thailand. Very unpleasant situation, threatens with possible serious the consequences.

  1. Scan the first page of your own passport with photo. When checking the passport you can show this a copy. Very rarely can they start asking questions. Remember that by new rules, scanned copies of passports are subject to compulsory certification by the immigration office stating print.
  2. A more responsible cop may not be enough. a scanned copy of your passport, so he will try to find out where its original. In such a situation, we can say that the passport is pledged for renting a bike in the Netherlands, away from places to check. Such an agreement should be prepared in advance, and phone number in it indicate any paid Thai prostitutes who will confirm to the police officer that she has a passport as a deposit for a bike.
  3. Nothing prevents a tourist from becoming completely “legal” for 300-1000 baht paid to a corrupt policeman even if in Thailand or Thailand no passport.
  4. Do not drive transport in resort towns, risk of getting caught the policeman rises several times. Better use public transport, for example, tuk-tukami.
  5. Do not walk at night, at which time the police are more likely than day stops tourists to check the documents.
  6. Without legal documents you can stay in Thailand for a long time. time, if you forget about the resort towns and go inland. This is due to the ignorance of the police of the English language. Unwilling show your incompetence, the police simply decide not to to approach a foreign tourist to check his documents.
  7. Prepare any other documents in advance. For this Goals are quite suitable Thai driver’s license.
  8. Living in Thailand in an illegal situation, the tourist should to attract a minimum of attention. This requires less make noise, drink alcohol, do not go to bars and local clubs. It is in the bars that the police most often conduct raids in order to search Thai drug dealers, checking all documents present

Overstey in Thailand

After crossing the border in your documents will be similar stamps

With observance of the specified rules illegal life in Thailand, partially resolved. But I recommend not resort to this method, because in Thailand is quite simple get a Thai student visa for a whole year or arrange business visa (modified rules for obtaining a visa to Thailand). By the way, if you lost the migration card of Thailand, immediately run to Thai airport to restore it The procedure takes a lot of effort.

It is worth remembering that the open deception with the rental vehicle means or other invention of the tourist, as well as overstey, can lead to major trouble therefore, daring to him, should weigh all the possible consequences.

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