One 0 secrets of successful shopping in Thailand

Shopping in Thailand is a separate art immerse yourself in the subtleties of which on the eve of the trip each Russian tourist. Compliance with certain rules allows foreigners save finances or buy more things for the same amount. Of course, in stores with fixed prices do not bargain, but such a useful opportunity exists on small and reputable markets, for example on Thepprasit Market in Pattaya, Phuket seafood market, Samui markets or Floating markets of Thailand in general. On them the goods in hand buyer finally goes after the auction, leading to such lower prices, which suits both parties.

Why do you need to bargain in Thailand

It is clear that people bargain in the markets for the sake of saving maximum possible amounts. But in Thailand, bidding for purchases have not only this reason. In Asian countries, they allow not only to reduce the cost, but also earn respect before the seller. If the tourist does not know how to bargain or refuses to “verbal duel”, putting on the counter originally named amount, it deprives the seller of pleasure, which one gets from the process. Bargaining in Thailand for him more often just serves not as an attempt to cheat in the form of selling a product by overpriced, but rather an intellectual battle. His crown will serve the sale of goods at a mutually beneficial cost. And so, let’s move on to the secrets!

Secrets of a successful trading in Thailand


Examine the seller

Shopping in Thailand

As mentioned above, to bargain in Thailand when making shopping is always necessary. The rule does not apply only to shops, hypermarkets (eg, Big C, Tesco Lotus or Macro) and small street trade points (including makashnits) in which goods sold at fixed prices. It is worth noting that Thai sellers are not eager to bargain. But if the buyer will face a Hindu seller, of which there are many in the country, bargaining will take place bright and effective – prices for purchases in Thailand in this case may significantly decrease. When a tourist refuses to bargain, the seller does not feel much joy even in If the item is gone at a good price.


Do not hurry

Sellers in Thailand

No matter how attractive the product is, don’t settle right away. pay a fixed amount. Many Thai sellers inflate prices on purchase goods 2 – 3 times. Mentally divide the proposed figure three and tell the seller about your desire to take the thing exactly at such a cost. If he easily makes concessions, feel free to slow down price until it approaches half or 7 0% of the original assigned amount.


Bargain? Buy

Bargaining with sellers in Thailand

Do not bargain if you do not plan to buy a specific product. When you reach an agreement with the seller, and then refuse to buy the goods, you appear before the opposite side in a bad light. Inappropriate market behavior It is considered and the venture of new bargaining after receiving the agreement seller at the price offered by the buyer. To buy cheap in Thailand, any thing you need to designate for yourself a figure less than the amount for which you want to pick up the product, and gradually bring to her seller.


Watch your marriage

Shopping in Thailand

When the bargaining took place and the buyer picked up the purchase previously overlooked marriage, which the seller cannot replace due to the absence of a second copy, you can refuse to purchase not afraid of “losing face”, as they say in Thailand. If the marriage is not can affect the operation of the product, the price can be reduced to minimum.


Do not be too self-confident

How to buy in Thailand

Leaving after failed bargaining – a useless trick in the countries Asia Since the markets are not empty, the seller will not call you in order to sell the goods at the lowest cost. If in CIS countries this number is effective, then the Thai Populations such consumer chips do not pass.


Be respectful

Buy in Thailand

To trade in Thailand went smoothly, not Talk about the product badly. If you prove that he does not deserves no money, you hurt the seller and do bargain yourself impossible. Also, the seller may ask a question about why you you need such a useless product and why are you trying so hard bring down the price set on it.


Go to the end

Markets in Thailand

When you know for sure that the item you like is not in others Stores, and this seller has a quality, fight with him for lowering the price to the last, only then commit purchase. If you do not finish the job and go to repeat Looking for a desired item, do not expect a new seller to return bargaining. He will remember you and will no longer want to make concessions.


Check prices

How to bargain in Thailand

Find out in advance what you can buy in Thailand cheap. Often foreign buyers are far from reality Thai prices and declare the seller the cost at which they are not will give the goods even to local residents. View sample prices can be either on the Internet, or already on holiday in Thailand, wandering in the first days after arrival on the markets and shops.


Do not hurry

Shopping in Thailand

You shouldn’t buy everything and more right after arrival Thailand As long as you have pale skin devoid of specific sunburn, the seller thinks of you like this: if a person just flew in country, his money remains unspent. Which means that to him You can try to sell a product at a high price. By the way, do you know how not to burn in the sun in Thailand?


Reverse scenario

Shopping in Thailand

Described in the 9th paragraph. Shortly before leaving home, when the skin talks about you as a person who has spent enough time on rest, you can appear before the seller in the person of the person, willing spend the last money on the vending goods. Unnoticed Take out of your pocket the amount you wish to give up and recount it in front of the seller, showing that it’s all balances your finances. If such a price does not confuse the seller, rather all, he agrees to give you a purchase.

Now you know how to bargain in Thailand no offense to the seller and to their advantage. Successful shopping!

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