Oludeniz (Turkey) – the most detailed information with photos. Main sights of Oludeniz with a description, guides and cards.

Oludeniz (Turkey)

Oludeniz is a resort in the south-west of Turkey, where the most famous beach of the Turkish Mediterranean. Located between Antalya and Bodrum are near the town of Fethiye. Oludeniz is small resort village on the Mediterranean Sea, which attracts Millions of tourists on the extraordinarily beautiful Blue Lagoon beach.

The Blue Lagoon is probably the most beautiful beach in Turkey, where It is famous for its picturesque nature and amazingly clear turquoise water. It is interesting that even in strong storms the sea here is quiet and clean.

How to get there

The nearest airports are located in Antalya and Bodrum. Next you need find a bus to the city of Fethiye, from which go to Oludeniz minibuses (dolmus).

Panorama of the Blue Lagoon Panorama Blue lagoons

Holidays in Oludeniz

Oludeniz – one of the most popular holiday destinations in Turkish Riviera. The sea is clean and warm. You can swim from May to October. All this attracts many tourists. Therefore, in the beach season is pretty crowded here. The main thing why go this place is a great beach holiday.

Oludeniz is very popular with Europeans (especially Germans and the English). Some of them have accommodation here. Therefore commit here you can buy for pounds, dollars and euros. Estimated for the season About 2 million tourists come to Oludeniz.

Beach in Oludeniz Beach in Oludeniz

Things to do

  • Boat trips on the lagoon.
  • Paragliding from Mount Babadag.
  • A visit to the Valley of the Butterflies – a natural canyon with rare representatives of this species of insects.
  • Exploring the water world of the Mediterranean and diving.

Cruise Cruise on Oludeniz


Maps and guides

Map of the village with beaches Coast Routes

Oludeniz on the map of Turkey

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