Novigrad (Croatia)

Novigrad (Croatia) – the most important sights with photos and description. Detailed information about the city and the location of Novigrad on the map.

City Novigrad (Croatia)

Novigrad – a city on the Istra coast Croatia Once a small fishing village, which is now time has grown into a major tourist center. Despite tourist popularity, Novigrad has kept its cozy the provincial charm of a small Mediterranean fishing town. The city is located on the Istrian peninsula between the cities of Umag and Porec.

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Panorama Novigrad Panorama Novigrad

Novigrad is not only a city with a pleasant atmosphere, beautiful architecture and rich historical heritage. This is one of the main Istrian gastronomic centers where you can taste the most delicious Mediterranean food.

Rest in Novigrad

Rest in Novigrad is a clean sea, good service, pleasant homely atmosphere and reasonable prices. A mild mediterranean climate and scenic nature only emphasizes these advantages. Rest in Novigrad is suitable for all ages, but especially like those who appreciate comfort, delicious food and the sea.

Novigrad CoastNovigrad coast

Regional Products

What to try in Novigrad and local products:

  • Olive oil
  • Istra wines
  • Seafood – Oysters, Crustaceans, Fish
  • Truffles
  • Paste
  • Istra beef
  • Asparagus Meals

Sights of Novigrad

Cathedral of sv. Pelagia and St. Maxima – the main attraction Novigrad, whose history begins almost from the moment the founding of the city (4-5 century). Throughout its history the church was repeatedly rebuilt. In the Middle Ages the interior was supplemented with frescoes.

Cathedral of St. Pelagius and St. Maxim Cathedral St. Pelagia and St. Maxim

The bell tower, which stands out in urban architecture, was built in the late 19th century. At its top is a statue Novigrad’s patron saint Pelagia.


Another interesting attraction are the medieval walls built in the period of Venetian rule in 13-14 century.

An old Romanesque is located in the old town cemetery. church of sv. Agatha.

Also in Novigrad there is a museum with an interesting collection. medieval stone monuments.

Novigrad on the map

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