Nova Gorica

Nova Gorica, Slovenia: the most detailed information about the city Nova Gorica, the main attractions with photos and descriptions, location on the map.

Nova Gorica (Slovenia)

Nova Gorica is the tenth largest city of Slovenia, located in the west of the country on the border with Italy. Administrative center Gorishka region was founded only after the Second World War, when, as a result of the division between Italy and Yugoslavia, the city of Gorizia became part of Italy. Nova Gorica – a kind of Slovenian “analog” Gorizia, a city with a good climate, young, green and intense developing.

Novo Gorica is often called the younger sister of Gorizia. AND Indeed, the two cities are very closely connected, sometimes practically merging into one. Here there are many bright cultural events. In addition, Nova-Gorica is one of the main gambling centers in Slovenia. Distance from the capital Ljubljana is 108 km.

The neighborhood of Nova-Goritsy Neighborhood Nova Gorica


The town of Nova Gorica is located in a beautiful natural area. WITH northeast from the cold winds, the city is covered by hills. On Vipava Valley is located in the east with vineyards in which produce excellent local wine. Thanks to this here formed a special microclimate with a rich plant and animal the world. Natural attractions attract many tourists, and the surroundings of the city are literally riddled with hiking trails. Nature lovers will surely enjoy the tranquility of the Trnovsky Forest and flora of the Grgaron Plain.

Climate and weather

Nova Gorica is located in the sub-Mediterranean climate zone. In summer there is a rather hot sunny weather that alternates. rains and cool from the mountains. The winter is very mild with occasional frosts and with snow.

How to get to Nova Gorica

Ljubljana Airport is located 128 km from Nova Gorica. Nearest The airport is located in Trieste (Italy).

By train

By bus

Nova Gorica, Slovenia Nova Gorica, Slovenia

Useful information for tourists

  1. Monetary currency is Euro.
  2. Shops are open from 8.00 to 19.00. On Sunday, many can be closed.
  3. Restaurants and cafes usually work from 7.00 to 23.00.

Sights of Nova Gorica

Nova Gorica is a new city, so here you will not find many interesting sights. For this you need to make traveling in picturesque surroundings to nearby villages and villages.

Solkan – a picturesque town located in a valley on the path of the river Socha, which, leaving the Alps, rushes to the Mediterranean Sea.

Solkansky bridge Solkansky bridge

Rožna Valley – settlement along the Italian border, in which the old Jewish cemetery is located.

Schmichel – a village that emerged in the 15th century, located near Liyak waterfalls.

Ozelyan is an ancient settlement known since the 12th century. Here annually The polenta festival is taking place.

Schempas – an old settlement with an interesting old center, erected around the old castle. Here is the famous wine festival. And the old road will lead you to the Trnovsky forest.

Vitovlje – the old center of the village is the oldest cultural monument of this area. The settlement was formed around the old Church of St. Mary.

Osek is a village on the slope of the Trnovsky Upland, known from mid 14th century. In the center grows the famous centenary linden and is the church of sv. Mary’s

Prvachina – a picturesque village with charming narrow streets and the church of sv. Andrew. Located at the foot of a low hill.

Nova Gorica, Slovenia Nova Gorica, Slovenia

Zalocshe is a picturesque village in the Vipava Valley, one of the centers wine production. In the center of the settlement is the church of St. Lawrence

Tabor at Dornberk is a small village with an interesting architectural heritage.

Lokve is a village in a picturesque forest valley at an altitude of almost 1 km. Located in the northwestern part of the Trnovo Plateau. On the hill built the church of sv. Anthony of Padua.

Lokevets is a small original village located on Banshsky plateau.


Nova Gorica offers ample opportunities for recreation and entertainment:

  • Cycling
  • Flights on a paroplane and hang glider
  • River rafting
  • Horseback riding
  • Hunting and fishing
  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Bowling
  • Skateboarding and Roller Skating

Nova Gorica on the map of Slovenia

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