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City of Nottingham (United Kingdom)

Nottingham is a city in the UK in Nottinghamshire. This is a place with a rich history, the origins of which go back to times Roman Empire, covered with legends about Robin Hood. Nottingham – popular tourist destination with diversity attractions, historical and cultural monuments. City It is famous for its numerous fairs and festivals, and also has long tradition of lace production and trade. Nottingham often called the “Queen of the Midlands” because of the wide streets, beautiful architecture and the abundance of scenic parks. This is a place with a unique a historic atmosphere that is definitely worth it to visit.

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Geography and climate

Nottingham is located in Central England on the River Trent. City in the north it is bounded by Sherwood Forest and surrounded by low hills. Nottingham is located 206 km north of London, 72 km northeast of Birmingham and 90 km south-east of Manchester. The city has a temperate maritime climate with cool summers and mild in the winter.

Nottingham Nottingham

Practical information

  1. The population is more than 320 thousand people.
  2. Area – 74.61 km².
  3. Currency – pound sterling.
  4. English language.
  5. Time – UTC 0, in the summer +1.
  6. The UK is not a party to the Schengen Agreement. Visa can be obtained by personally visiting an accredited visa centers that are located in Moscow, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don and Yekaterinburg.
  7. East Midlands International Airport is located southwest of Nottingham. It takes a large number of regional and international flights. Nottingham is also easily accessible by train. or by bus from London, Leeds, Birmingham, Leicester, Sheffield.
  8. Nottingham has two large shopping centers – “The Victoria Center “and” Broadmarsh “. The main shopping streets are Lister Gate and Clumber Street. Also many shops can be found in the area. Bridlesmith Gate, Victoria Street and Market Square.
  9. Plenty of good restaurants in the Lace Market area. (Lace Market), east of the Old Market Square. Near Hockley has many bars and pubs of different prices. categories.
  10. Nottingham is not considered the safest city in England, although in fact, only pickpocketing is a problem.


Nottingham was founded in the 7th century by the Saxons. In the Anglo-Saxon period was part of the kingdom of Mercia. In the Roman period in the vicinity modern city was a busy road. Although accurate data the presence of a Roman settlement is not here. In the 9th century, Nottingham was captured by the Vikings and became one of the five fortified cities of their of the state.

Panorama of the city Panorama of the city

Nottingham is first mentioned under the modern name at 11 century. In the same period, William the Conqueror founds on the hill the castle opposite to which the settlement is developing. Further Nottingham was conquered by the Normans. During the Middle Ages the city occupies the space between the castle and the Old Market Square. Now it is the historical center of Nottingham. At the end of the 12th century (during the third crusade) the castle was occupied by supporters of John Landless. After returning from the campaign of King Richard the Lion The heart, his troops besieged Nottingham and took the fortress. AT medieval legends Nottingham Castle becomes a place confrontation noble robber Robin Hood and the local the sheriff.

Streets of Nottingham Streets Nottingham

By the 15th century, Nottingham became a thriving trading city. In The Industrial Revolution is one of the centers of the British textile industry. Industrial Development Nottingham lasted until World War II. City status has been assigned June 18, 1897.


Old Market Square Old market square

The old town of Nottingham has beautiful architecture of different historical periods and contains some interesting attractions. The heart of the historic center is The Old Market Square is the largest public space in Of England. The most remarkable attraction here is magnificent House of Soviets (town hall). This building was completed in 1929 year and has a beautiful neobarochny facade with huge columns.

Lace Market Lace Market

Lace Market is a historic district located in several minutes walk from the Old Market Square. This is, in the past, the heart lacy british industry with old warehouses and exhibition halls that are now occupied by restaurants and shopping.

Nottingham Castle Nottingham Castle

Nottingham Castle – one of the symbols of the city, the most known by the tales of Robin Hood. This facility was founded in 11th century by William the Conqueror. In 1651, the medieval castle was destroyed by parliamentary troops. Later he was restored in the form of a palace in the Italian style and belonged the dukes of newcastle.

Interesting sights of the castle:

  • Bronze statues of Robin Hood and his friends, created nottingham sculptor james woodford.
  • The Museum of Sherwood Foresters is an interesting collection of medals and military uniform.
  • Museum and Art Gallery of Nottingham Castle – 6th century fine Anglo-Saxon brooches, medieval pottery and alabaster carving, ceramic products of the 17th and 18th centuries.

Cave City Cave city

The cave city is the largest network in England (among famous) limestone caves. Contains over 400 caves that for centuries used by residents of Nottingham for storage (goods, products) and for protection. The cave city they were called Roger Mortimer, Queen Isabella’s lover, who according to legend once hiding here from a jealous king. Access to the caves carried out from the Broadmarsh shopping center.

The Lovely Green Mill Lovely Mill Green

Lovely Green’s Mill is an interesting museum located in mill of the 19th century. He illustrates the production of flour.

Sherwood Forest Sherwood Forest

Sherwood Forest – an ancient royal hunting forest, located north of Nottingham. This is one of the most famous. woodlands in the world (thanks to Robin Hood).

Newstead Newstead abbey

Newstead Abbey – the family residence of the famous English poet Lord Byron, located 20 minutes from Nottingham. It was originally an ancient Augustinian abbey, founded in 1170 by Henry II. Later on it was built noble mansion with a garden. Byron’s grave is in the parish Newstead Church

Minster in Southwell Minster in Southwell

Minster – the magnificent Gothic medieval cathedral of the 12th century, located in the old market town of Southwell, 18 km from Nottingham.

Nottingham Cathedral Nottingham Cathedral

Nottingham Cathedral (St. Barnabas) – a magnificent church in style Gothic Renaissance, built in the first half of the 19th century.

Church of All Saints Church of All saints

The Church of All Saints is a great example of Victorian architecture. The religious building was built in the 19th century in style neogothic

Church of St. Peter Church of sv. Petra

Church of sv. Petra is one of the three medieval churches Nottingham, founded in the 12th century. This is an anglican religious the building has Gothic architecture and 46 meters high the tower.

Church of St. Mary Church of sv. Mary’s

Church of sv. Mary is an Anglican medieval church which, probably the most beautiful religious building Nottingham. The current building (for the most part) dates from 14 – 15 for centuries and has been a magnificent example of Gothic architecture.

Church of St. Nicholas Church of sv. Nikolay

Church of sv. Nicholas – one of the oldest religious buildings Nottingham, founded between the 11th and 12th centuries. The old church was destroyed in 1643 during the civil war in England. Current brick building dates back to 1678.


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