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City Nördlingen (Germany)

Nördlingen is a small historic town in Germany the federal state of Bavaria. Is one of the few surviving medieval fortress settlements still surrounded by serfs walls with towers. Nördlingen – one of the most charming small towns of Bavaria with beautiful old architecture and a huge concentration of interesting sights. This place really like those tourists who love a quiet romantic atmosphere and medieval charm, as well as narrow cobbled streets and slow walks on them.

Nördlingen is similar in character to Rothenburg ob der Tauber and Dinkelsbühl, but less promoted, and there are much fewer tourists. At the same time, the beauty and number of attractions they are not inferior.

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Geography and climate

Nördlingen is located in the west of Bavaria in a historic area. Swabia in the Danube – Rice. The city has a temperate climate with warm in summer and cool in winter. Nördlingen is built in a crater that was formed by the impact of a huge meteorite 15 million years ago.

Nördlingen from a height Nördlingen with heights

Practical information

  1. The population is 20 thousand people.
  2. The area is 68.10 km².
  3. Height above sea level – 441 m.
  4. The language is German.
  5. Currency – Euro.
  6. Schengen visa
  7. Time – Central European (UTC +1, summer +2).
  8. Nördlingen hosts a festival of crafts and beer – Nördlinger Pfingstmesse.


Nördlingen is located near the Roman settlement, built on the Claudia Augusta military road 70 km to northwest of Augsburg. After the collapse of the Roman Empire here Alemanic tribes settled. The first written mention of Nördlingene dates back to the 9th century. Under the authority of the bishops Regensburg settlement grew into a city that in the first half of the 13th century received the status of free imperial.

Nördlingen Nördlingen

In 1238 a fire destroyed most of the city, but Nördlingen was quickly restored. City walls and fortifications were built in the 14th century. During the Reformation and the Thirty Years War Nördlingen was in the very center of events. This led to a decline. cities. In the 19th century, Nördlingen lost the status of a free imperial cities and became part of bavaria.

How to get there

Nördlingen has a railway connection with Munich, Augsburg and Stuttgart. The railway station is located to east of the old town. Also Nördlingen is accessible by bus. Touring Europabus plying along the Romantic Road. Besides this, you can get here on the regional bus route 501 from Nuremberg.


Medieval fortifications of Nördlingen Medieval fortifications of Nördlingen

The city wall of Nördlingen is one of the most prominent monuments in Germany. It dates from the 14th century, has a length almost 3 km and includes: five gates, twelve towers and a bastion. The wall is available for free to visit. Walk on it is one of the most popular tourist attractions.

Church of St. George Church of sv. George

Church of sv. George – a magnificent sacred monument in style Late Gothic with an impressive 90-meter tower. Building The current building was begun in 1427 and completed in 1451.

Klösterle Klösterle

Klösterle – former medieval Franciscan monastic church rebuilt in the 16th century in the barn. Considered important monument of Renaissance architecture.

Reimlinger Reimlinger

Reimlinger – the oldest of the five city gates of Nördlingen. it construction dates back to the 14th century. Top floor was added at 16 century.

Tower of Tears Tower of Tears

The Tower of Tears was built at the beginning of the 15th century and then rebuilt. in two centuries.

Fountain of Warriors Warriors Fountain

Voinov Fountain – a beautiful 19th century fountain built on site medieval source of the 15th century.

Town Hall Town hall

Town Hall – an important historical building, founded in the 14th century. WITH 1382 until today it is continuously used as City Hall.

Church of St. Salvator Church of sv. Salvator

Church of sv. Salvator – Carmelite Convent Church. it simple gothic building founded in the first quarter of the 15th century.

New Mill New mill

The New Mill is a historic building of the 14th century with water wheel.

Upper Water Tower Upper water tower

The upper water tower is a mighty fortification, built between 1469 and 1471 years.

Baldinger GateBaldinger Gate

Baldinger Gate – a city gate whose construction It began in 1376 and ended in 1406. During Of the Thirty Years War, they were badly damaged and, in the end eventually collapsed. The gate was restored in 1705.

Powder Tower Gunpowder tower

The Powder Tower is a powerful medieval tower built before 1533 year.

Hospital of the Holy Spirit Hospital of sv. Of the spirit

The earliest certificate of the hospital of sv. The spirit goes back to 1233 year Originally the building was built outside the city, but in The 14th century was incorporated into the urban core.

Lopsinger Lepsinger

The Löpsinger Gates were built at the end of the 16th century. Roof dates back to the 18th century. Since 1987, the city’s museum has been located here. walls.

Port Market Port market

The port market is a historic square, first mentioned in 1548 year

Spitzturm Spitzurm

Spitzturm is a picturesque 14th century fortress tower rebuilt in 15th and 16th centuries.

Deiningersky gatesDeininger Gate

The Deininger Gate was built in the first half of the 16th century. They were badly damaged during the siege of the city in 1634 year


Maps and guides

Tourist Card

Nördlingen on a map of Germany

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