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City of Munich (Germany)

Munich is a city in southern Germany on the banks of the Isar, is the capital of Bavaria and the third largest city after Berlin and Hamburg. Two hours away are several large lakes and ski resorts that formed the region temperate climate, with the transition from marine to continental. Little snowy winter and cool summer have largely contributed to the fact that sightseeing holiday in Munich is relevant all year round. However, there are exceptions, when the thermometer in winter may drop to … -30 C °.


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The history of the city begins with the VIII century, it was at this time here there was a small settlement of monks, which later acquired city ​​status. After a time the land passed into the possession of the dynasty Wittelsbach (Wittelsbach), who ruled Bavaria until its section until 1255, but until 1918 the city remained their residence. Today, the Palace of Wittelsbach works as a museum and open to tourists throughout the year.

Munich in winter Munich in winter

During the First World War, Munich suffered greatly from air attacks organized by french troops. In 1918, the November revolution brings to power the social democrats. King Ludwig III and his family has to flee the city. In 1919 in April was Bavarian Soviet Republic was proclaimed, but a month later it was eliminated by government forces.

World War II also left its typos on the city. Munich suffered most from Allied bombing. aviation. The result of seventy city raids became practically complete destruction of its historical part, and Munich itself is 50% found himself in ruins.

In the postwar period, the city was quickly restored and already 1972 year was honored to hold on its territory the Olympic games. The Olympic Park specially built for this event This day is a place of pilgrimage for tourists.

Useful information for tourists

Getting around the city is much more convenient in public. transport than by taxi. First, taxis are expensive, secondly – To find a car is not so easy, only on special parking. More Moreover, not every local will be able to give you a taxi number, since rarely anyone uses this service. Everyone heard about German pedantry, that’s on the organization of public transport can as well as possible to make sure of it.

Tram on the streets of Munich Tram on the streets Munich

Munich is connected by a large and well-developed tram network, bus routes, metro and even city trains. All of them go on schedule, up to a minute. There are rare cases when transport is delayed – so rare that it becomes event of the day.

For comfortable movement around the city it is enough to choose the right one. ticket. At first glance, this may seem like a daunting task, but if you plan in advance the tourist route and a little bit understand the German language – everything is quite simple. Munich the transport system is divided into 4 zones, internal, white and green (XXL) and total. Ticket price does not depend on the distance which you need to overcome, and not even from the mode of transport, but from zone. For the tourist, the most optimal would be a day or three day Single-Tageskarte ticket (per person) or Partner-Tageskarte (up to 5 people).

How to get to Munich

Munich Franz Josef Strauss Airport (Flughafen München “Franz Josef Strauß “) daily takes more than a hundred flights from different countries of the world, including from Russia. From the airport to the city center can be reached by S-Bahn train, which stops at all significant city stops. You can buy a ticket on the train in one of the many machines that are usually located right by the escalators. Also at your service Munich Taxi. The cost of the trip from the airport will be much more than by the city.

Panorama of Munich Panorama of munich

You can get to Munich by train. Railway The message here is excellent. However, travel lovers on the car will be satisfied with the road infrastructure, because many The autobahns of German cities are connected with Munich.

Where to stay

You can stop in Munich anywhere. It all depends on tastes and preferences of the tourist. Luxury and modest hotels, cheap apartments, hostels – everything is at guests’ service. However worth take care of booking in advance, especially when it comes to peak tourist season.

Shopping and shopping

The capital of Bavaria will charm shopping lovers. In munich besides large shopping centers where time flies by, literally on every street you can find boutiques of famous brands, souvenir shops and various shops offering to buy anything. However, it is worth noting that boutiques and small Shops are open until 18:00 and only from Monday to saturday

Munich before Christmas Munich front Merry christmas

Seasonal markets and fairs

Antique market – you can only get into it in the first Saturday of the month. Here you can buy vintage jewelry, furniture, accessories, cards, stamps.

BRK-Flohmark – a grand fair, held in late April. Here you can buy children’s things and toys, including antique, while their cost will be much lower than in local shops.

Riem Market is the largest Bavarian bazaar. Mostly here they come to sell old things, but it’s difficult to call them old, rather new ones that have not been used in everyday life.

Viktualienmarkt Viktualienmarkt

Viktualienmarkt is a flea market. Contrary to the prevailing stereotypes, here for more than 200 years they sell not unnecessary things, but All sorts of products, including delicacies. By the way here constantly bring farm products, as well as on the territory The market operates a bakery.

Sights of munich

Want to know more about the history and culture of Munich, to feel the atmosphere of the capital of Bavaria, visit its main Sights: Frauenkirche, Nyfenburg Palace (Nymphenburg Palace), church of sv. Peter (St. Peter’s Church), Residence, Old Town Hall. No less interesting will be visiting BMW Museum, Karlplatz. And, of course, do not forget to visit English Garden and Olympic Park.

Frauenkirche (Cathedral of Our Lady)

Frauenkirche (Cathedral of Our Lady) Frauenkirche (Cathedral of Our Lady)

Frauenkirche (Cathedral of Our Lady) – Gothic cathedral, built in the 15th century, one of the symbols of Munich. The cathedral has a length 109 meters, 40 meters wide and 37 meters high and holds 20 000 people. In the architecture of the cathedral there are two towers, with a height almost 100 meters with a stunning view of the city. Frauenkirche is a masterpiece of late gothic. It is strict brick three-nave temple with a simple interior decoration. Track in the hallway of the church is called the Devil’s Footprint. According to legend, unclean argued with the architect of the cathedral, but lost the argument. In a rage he turned into the wind and tried to destroy the temple. That is why there is always there is a light breeze.

Nymphenburg Palace

Nymphenburg Palace Nymphenburg Palace

Nymphenburg Palace is one of the main attractions. Munich, a magnificent palace with a picturesque garden and a canal. Built as the summer residence of kings, the palace is striking in luxury and rigor of forms. The construction of Nymphenburg dates back to 17 century. The architect was Italian Barelli. Inside you can evaluate bytmonarhov, see objects of art and history. No less famous is the palace park – 229 hectares of park landscape in the English style. On the palace canal ride on a gondola.


Marienplatz Marienplatz

Munich Square Marienplatz with the New and Old Town Halls – The world famous center of the Bavarian capital. This is a real place. attraction for visitors and residents of the city, the venue of the main cultural events and fairs.

New Town Hall on Marienplatz New Town Hall on Marienplatz

In the architecture of the square, the New Town Hall stands out – grand neo-gothic building built at the beginning of the 20th century. Now here sits the city council of Munich. Tower of New The Town Hall provides a beautiful view of the old city. Climb on it can be on the elevator.

In the center of the square there is an 11 meter Marian column. the end of the 16th century with a sculpture of the Virgin Mary with Christ.

Old Town Hall Old Town Hall (left) and the church of sv. Petra (right)

In the eastern part of Marienplatz, you can look at two at once. interesting building. The old town hall is an ancient building dating back to the 14th century. Gothic style, restored after the destruction of the Second World of war. The tower is a museum of toys.

Near the Old Town Hall is the Cathedral of St. Petra The oldest parish church in Munich, whose history has more than 8 centuries. The building combines the features of many architectural styles, and inside built a beautiful baroque altar. AT The cathedral’s architecture is characterized by a 91-meter tower, which can offer one of the most beautiful views of Munich. For this need to overcome more than 300 steps.

Allianz Arena

Allianz Allianz Arena

Allianz Arena – home of the Bavaria football club, one of the most famous and comfortable stadiums in the world.

Karlplatz (Charles Square)

Karlplatz (Charles Square) Karlplatz (Charles Square)

Karlplatz (Charles Square) – one of the main squares historic center with beautiful architecture. The area is named in the honor of Karl IV Theodore, although the Munichs themselves call the area just – Stachus. In honor of the old pub, which was up to her education. The main architectural landmark are the Karlovy Vorota – the ancient Gothic gate of the beginning 14 centuries that used to be part of the city fortifications. On the contrary The Neo-Baroque Palace of Justice and the building are located. shopping complex “Gallery Kaufhof”. Main pedestrian street connects Karlplatz with another central Marienplatz square.


Odeonplatz Odeonplatz

Odeonplatz – square in the Italian style in the northern part The historic center of Munich near Ludwigstrasse. Here you can admire the beautiful late 17th century church Baroque with two powerful towers and a dome, a loggia similar to building on the Piazza della Signoria in Florence, the royal residence and the Hofgarten garden.

Residence Residence

The residence is one of the largest palace complexes in Germany, located near Odeonplatz square Max-Joseph-Platz. This is an impressive structure more than 23 000 square meters. meters with luxurious rooms in the style of classicism, Baroque and Rococo, decorated with objects of culture and art. The history of the Residence is more than 600 years old. In bronze halls the palace exhibited more than 40 original bronze sculptures 16-17 centuries, and in the treasury – the royal regalia and other valuable things.

Olympic Park

Olympic Park Olympic Park

Olympic Park is one of the most beautiful and popular places of munich. Built on the occasion of the 1972 Olympic Games of the year. There are several famous places in Bavaria: the Olympic Stadium, the Olympic Hall and the Olympic Towers. Besides of this, here is the largest amusement park in Bavaria hosts concerts, entertainment and cultural events. festivals and a variety of sporting events.

Other sights of Munich

BMW Welt is a museum of the world-famous BMW brand. Here pass exhibitions and promotions, tours of the museum and the plant.

Pinakothek – an art gallery in Munich. In the old Pinacoteca exhibited objects of European painting 14-18 centuries, in new and modern spinbox for about 400 works of art of 18-20 centuries.

Bavarian State Opera Bavarian state opera

Bavarian State Opera is one of the largest operas in the world, giving 450 submissions annually.

Hofbräuhaus – old beer house. Here you can touch to the secrets and traditions of Bavarian brewing, to enjoy regional cuisine, beer, music and folk dances that convey the historic atmosphere of Munich.

Hofbräuhaus Hofbräuhaus

The Old Yard is an old imperial residence located along road from Marienplatz. This is the Munich Kaiserburg, in which the museum is located.

Old Yard Old Yard


Oktoberfest Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest – the legendary beer festival in Germany, which held annually in Munich in the fall from mid-September to the beginning October It is the largest beer festival in the world to attend. over 6 million tourists. During this time, they are drinking here. millions of liters of beer. Oktoberfest is important part of the bavarian culture, and its roots go back to Middle Ages.

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Maps and guides

Detailed map of Munich in Russian (download)

Munich on the map of Germany

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