Mosquitoes in Thailand – what they carry and how protect against bites

There are mosquitoes in Thailand, with this fact worth put up with everyone who is planning a trip to any Thai resort. So same as with the fact that in a tropical country there are cases malaria or dengue fever, and area ownership to the tourist category is no guarantee that this attack will bypass you. Don’t panic, but some measures safety must be observed. By the way, besides mosquitoes, We can meet a whole series of dangers about the existence of which you may not have suspected. Some of them were Listed in the article “Dangerous Thailand.”

Thai mosquitoes do not always bother to squeak and attack suddenly. Mosquito bites in Thailand occur more often in the evening or at night as these insects avoid scorching rays thai sun But if you are in the shade or ashore the reservoir, you may well become the object of desire of the winged bloodsucker You do not hide from them in the hotel room.

For Thais, dressing in shirts is the norm. long sleeves and full-size pants with the onset of evening twilight. Most of them sleep with closed windows or use mosquito bedding over the night rest place. Generally accepted delusion is eating large amounts of lemon Sokas aiming to repel mosquitoes.

What do the cartoons in Thailand

Not all Thai mosquitoes carry on their tip proboscis some contagion, and in general their kind is extremely varied. If you have a good ear for music, then you can distinguish them by the published squeak, and they also react differently on insecticides. Therefore, the use of two or three simultaneously deterring means – tablet fumigator, spray can, repellents – may not be too much precaution. there is interesting fact: above the 10th floor these insects do not fly, so This can also be used as a measure of passive protection.

Mosquito in Thailand suffering dengue fever

Mosquito Carrying Dengue

Malaria mosquito in Thailand

Malaria mosquito

Harmless mosquitoes more, but even one malaria transporter or dengue fever is enough to spoil not only vacation. Malaria kills up to three million people a year. Fever Dengue, if it is not complicated by meningitis, toxic shock or encephalitis, the most dangerous for children under two years old and people older sixty.

Both of these diseases are a deadly WHO. therefore Do not consider medical insurance in Thailand to be something completely unnecessary. The incubation period for malaria can last a year, while dengue fever – up to ten days. So wait a little relief sigh if you have been in Thailand for no more than a week and nothing is with you did not happen.

Thai mosquitoes can carry other diseases – not such common but dangerous: Japanese encephalitis, filariasis, leishmaniasis.

Dengue symptoms

Dengue fever in Thailand is sharp temperature increase – up to 40 degrees, as well as bleeding gums, pain in the joints and muscles, rash, red face. If a such an incident happened to you or your loved ones, then hurry to doctor and notify the insurance company.

Symptoms of malaria

Symptoms of initial staging in Thailand are similar to dengue. But at the same time, the disease temperature is normalized through a day or two, and then jumps again after a few days. Have tropical malaria most malignant course. People with weakened by immunity, she can finish in just one day. therefore the general rule when located in the countries of Southeast Asia is immediate medical attention with a sharp rise in temperature. Not hope to rest for a day or two, the next morning you may or may not see. Unfortunately, vaccinations from this misfortune is still not.

Mosquito repellents in Thailand

How to protect against mosquitoes in Thailand?

Now that you know if there are mosquitoes in Thailand and what they are dangerous, you should know and about the measures protection from them.

  • Mosquito repellents in Thailand are sold in all Thai supermarkets, for example, in Seven Eleven. Local more efficient European. Read the instructions for use. Some of them can not apply on skin, only on clothes.
  • Natural essential oils (eucalyptus, lemongrass, lime) have less efficiency.
  • In the same supermarkets sell mosquito traps. They have to stand in the room constantly.
  • If your table on the open veranda in the restaurant is not put a smoke helix-fumigator, ask the waiter this to do.
  • Buy a mosquito net and take it with you travel time in thailand.
  • In the evening, don’t even consider wearing socks. The smaller open skin is best.
  • Strong-smelling perfumery attracts mosquitoes. But even more – adrenalin. So be philosophically calm, don’t wave your hands. with every peep.
  • Each puddle is an incubator for mosquitoes. Fish in the pond – not only Asian decoration, but also a must. They’re eating larvae.
  • Using the air conditioner also contributes to scaring mosquitoes due to the fact that they do not tolerate sharp drops temperatures.
  • It is scientifically proven that mosquitoes do not fly into the world, they are attracted heat and carbon dioxide emitted by human skin. Therefore, electroshock lamps from them are ineffective.

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