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Mont Saint-Michel (France) – detailed information with photos. Geography, history and attractions Mont Saint Michel.

Fortress city of Mont Saint-Michel (France)

Mont Saint Michel is a wonderful medieval walled city, crowned with majestic gothic abbey. This is one of the most famous and popular sights of France located on a small granite outcrop of a rocky island in mouth of the Kuenon. Mont Saint Michel – one of the greatest monuments of the country and one of the first UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is not simple church on the rock. This is a whole medieval city and one of the few places in France where medieval walls and fortifications, original ancient architecture and great historical atmosphere.

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Geography and climate

Mont Saint-Michel is located in the north-west of France on the border Normandy and Brittany. The island is located on a picturesque rocky the island between Caen and Nantes, 66 km north of Rennes and 50 km from the city of Saint-Malo. It is a granite formation. the perimeter is only 1 km. The most interesting feature of this place (except for the serene species) are the ebb and flow, which are the strongest on the coast of Europe and second in the world after Bay of Fundy. Tides are up to 14 m high. At low tide, water can depart up to 20 km from Mont Saint-Michel and at the same distance spread deep into the land at high tide. The climate in this place moderate sea with relatively warm summers and cool in the winter.

Mont Saint-MichelMont saint michel

Practical information

  1. The population is several dozen people.
  2. The language is French.
  3. Currency – Euro.
  4. Time – Central European UTC +1, in summer +2.
  5. Tide speed – up to 6 km.
  6. At high tide, water lasts up to 9 hours in summer and up to 8 hours in the winter.


Mont Saint Michel was founded at the beginning of the 8th century by Saint Aubert, Bishop of Avranches. There was built a small church in the form grotto, which was dedicated to the Archangel Michael. Wonder what then the bay where the island is located was larger. In the following centuries, she Mon-Saint-Michel began to silt closer to dry land.

According to legend, the archangel Michael appeared to Saint Ober, indicating build a church in this place. The bishop was unsure of the sign therefore, the archangel had to appear three times. Last time Mikhail tapped Auber on the head and burned his sword. cassock.

In the future, the island was an important strategic point in repel the attacks of the Vikings. In 933 he was captured by the Normans. The abbey here was founded in the 11th century. Construction on the island was conducted over five centuries. By the 12th century Mont Saint-Michel turned into one of the centers of religious pilgrimage with great influence and power.

Mont Saint-MichelMont saint michel

In 1204, Mont Saint-Michel was burnt by the Bretons. Sunset Abbey power was associated with the Hundred Years War. Despite, that during the 20-year siege the British never took the island, the monastery and the city were destroyed. Mont Saint Michel was restored to 15 century in the style of Gothic, but never regained its former greatness.

In the 16th century, Mont Saint-Michel gradually fell into disrepair. During the period Great French Revolution monastery escaped destruction, but after was used as a prison. In 1863, the prison is here was closed. After 11 years, Mont Saint-Michel was declared a monument stories.


The most famous landmark of Mont Saint-Michel is a grand abbey church that towers to the highest point of the island. This building has an impressive Romanesque nave. 11-12 centuries and an elegant choir in the style of bright gothic, built in 1450-1521 years. The tower and spire of the building are crowned with a statue of the archangel Michael, added in the 19th century. The church is built on three crypts, the oldest of which probably dates from the 8th to the 10th century (the epoch Carolingian).


The abbey has powerful exterior walls built in 1228. Therefore, the monastery is more like a military fortress. Sure to worth seeing the refectory and explore the monastic premises with sculptures and religious artifacts. The walls of the island date back to 13th – 15th centuries. From the south and east side opens stunning view of the bay. The houses of Mont Saint Michel were built in 15 – 16 centuries. Now they are located in various tourist Facilities: shops, restaurants, hotels.

Streets of Mont Saint-Michel Streets Mont saint michel


Mont Saint Michel on a map of France

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