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Miltenberg City (Germany)

Miltenberg is a city in Germany located in the federal Bavaria on the river Main on the old trade route between Nuremberg and Frankfurt am Main, which in the past ensured its economic prosperity. Known for its well-preserved medieval old town, interesting sights, half-timbered houses and a wonderful romantic atmosphere.

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Streets of Miltenberg Streets Miltenberg

Geography and climate

Miltenberg is located in northwestern Bavaria on the banks of the river Mine at the foot of Odenwald. The relief of the city is quite heterogeneous. The highest point of the city is Mount Kohlplatte (481 m).

Miltenberg’s climate is temperate. The summer is warm, the winter is mild. Behind year more than 600 mm of precipitation falls. The warmest month is July. Most cold – January. The average summer temperature is 15-20 degrees. Average winter temperature is slightly more than zero degrees.


Already in the middle of the 2nd century, on the site of Miltenberg, a mighty roman bastion This was greatly facilitated by profitable the strategic position of this place. Also here was the border Roman empire. From the 3rd century, the fortress gradually loses its value. With the fall of the Empire, it was abandoned.

The first mention of Miltenberg refers to 1237. Due to its favorable position, the city quickly grew and developed. The main income items were trade in wine, wood and stone fishing In the 14th century, the first urban towers and walls. Miltenberg played an important role until the 19th century, until shifted the vector of economic development and trade, leaving the city on the edge of the Bavarian kingdom. In February 1945 the city was significantly damaged by US bombing.

River Main River main

How to get there

The nearest airports are located in Frankfurt am Main, Nuremberg. and munich. The main intercity transport is the bus. If you travel by car, get to Miltenberg can be on the A3 motorway, or A81 – from Würzburg.


Miltenberg offers a rich gastronomic variety from dishes of traditional Franconian cuisine to international. AT historical center you can find a lot of food establishments from expensive restaurants to small cafes and bakeries. Typical dishes Franconian cuisine are Fränkisches Hochzeitsessen (meat with horseradish and cranberries, potatoes, salad), Franconian Sauerbraten (stewed beef with dumplings and salad), Franconian Vesper (ham or homemade sausage, cheese, bread).

Also this region is famous for its wine-making traditions. Here they make some of the best red wines in all of Franconia. Besides Of this, Bavaria is traditionally famous for its beer. Try and buy local wine here:

  • Hauptstr. 2 63927 Bürgstadt
  • Hauptstr. 241-245 63897 Miltenberg
  • WeinbauBernart Helmstetter Martinsgasse 38 63927 Bürgstadt
  • Bürgstadter Str. 21 63897 Miltenberg
  • BurkhardNeuberger Freudenberger Str. 7 63927 Bürgstadt


In the Old Town on pedestrian streets you can find a lot of small shops with a variety of goods: from souvenirs to traditional products.

Miltenberg Attractions

In the old town of Miltenberg you can find many interesting sights: old half-timbered cities in the old The market, better known as Schnatterloch, castle, old gothic city ​​towers, churches.

Half-timbered houses in Miltenberg Half-timbered houses in Miltenberg

The old town of Miltenberg is famous for its medieval half-timbered houses and charming old streets. Most The old house dates back to the first half of the 14th century. Most half-timbered houses were built from the 16th to the 17th century, i.e. refer to the period of the Thirty Years War. It is extremely an atmospheric place that seems to carry us into the Middle Ages, time of fairy tales and legends.

Old Market or Schnatterloh – the heart of the old city with charming romantic atmosphere. In addition to medieval houses here you can look at the fountain of the late 16th century, a small city the tower.

Miltenburg Castle Castle Mildenburg – upper right

Castle Mildenburg – a medieval castle of the 13th century in Miltenberg on a hill at the foot of Odenwald. The castle was erected by the archbishops and until the 18th century was their residence. Modern castle building refers by the 14th century. Currently the castle is available as a museum.

Church of sv. Jacob – catholic church in neoclassical style with two towers. The first gothic church was built on this place in the 13th century. In the 14th century, the church building was significantly rebuilt. At the end of the 18th century, the church was declared dilapidated and rebuilt in the 19th century.

Under Roman rule, the border of the Empire passed here. Its total length was 550 km. The frontier included 900 watchdogs. towers and more than 100 large and small forts. Around Miltenberg was located Roman fortress on the garrison in 500 warriors. Currently preserved part of the city wall, the bases of towers and baths.

The oldest hotel in Germany The oldest Germany hotel

In the historic center of Miltenberg is the oldest Germany hotel, the first mention of which is dated mid 12th century. The modern building dates back to the 16th century.

Mainz Tower Main goal

Main gates – powerful gothic city gates of time Late Middle Ages, located on the western edge of the old cities. They were built in the second half of the 14th century. Performed feature of the western entrance to the city.

Würzburg Gate in Miltenberg Würzburg gate in Miltenberg

Würzburg Gate – city gate on the eastern outskirts old town built in the 14th century. The gate was the eastern entrance in town.

Capella St. Lawrence – a small 15th century chapel on the old cemetery.

Mainsky Bridge and Bridge Tower Main Bridge and gate

Mainsky Bridge – a road bridge 124 meters long across the river Mine, built in the early 20th century. The completion of the bridge is beautiful brick bridge tower.


Maps and guides

Tourist map of Miltenberg with landmarks (download) Detailed city map

Miltenberg on the map of Germany

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