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City Maribor (Slovenia)

Maribor is a city in Slovenia located in northeastern part of the country on the banks of the river Drava. it administrative center of the Podravska region and the historical region Lower Styria. Maribor – the second most important city Slovenia, after the capital Ljubljany. But despite this, he has old provincial charm. Here you will not find amazing attractions and not see many beautiful places, but Maribor can offer the charm of old streets, cozy cafes and noisy student life.

The city is located at the foot of Mount Piedmont in a hilly area surrounded by picturesque vineyards and forests. Maribor – This is a city of rich wine culture, excellent cuisine, which different abundance of green areas. Thanks to its compact size Attractions are located within walking distance. This city as if created for unhurried walks.

Panorama Maribor Panorama of Maribor

Maribor is located on the terraces of the river Drava, which divides the city into two parts: North and South. The historic center of the city located on the left bank of the Drava (in the northern part of the city).


The history of Maribor begins around the 12th century. At that time The town was first mentioned as a small market near the old castle. In 1254 Maribor received urban privileges. The city has become to grow rapidly after the victory of Rudolph from the Habsburg dynasty over King of the Czech Republic Otakar ll.

From the 13th century until the First World War, the city was ruled by Habsburg and was called Marburg. During the Austrian domination Maribor survived several Turkish attacks.

The historical center of Maribor Historical center of maribor

Until the 19th century, it remained a small provincial town. After World War I, Slovenia became part of Yugoslavia. In during World War II, Slovenia was occupied by the Germans. After the war, the city became part of Yugoslavia again, until in 1991 Slovenia has not declared its independence. Currently Maribor is a major industrial, economic and cultural center country. It is also the largest educational center in Slovenia.

Maribor in winter Maribor in winter

Climate and weather

Maribor is located in a temperate continental climate zone. In winter the temperature is usually around zero. Small frost, snowfall. Summer is usually warm with an average temperature of about 20 degrees. Sometimes in summer hot weather can reign. The warmest The months are July and August. The greatest amount of precipitation falls in summer months. The coldest month is January. Pretty warm here spring and autumn. Maribor is also one of the sunniest cities. Slovenia.

How to get there?

By plane

Maribor has an international airport whose flights connect the city with major European cities. Others coming airports are located in Ljubljana, Graz (Austria) and Zagreb (Croatia). The closest airport is Graz. Graz and Maribor binds a stable rail connection. Trains run 6 times per day. Travel time is 1.5 hours.

Maribor at night Maribor at night

Trains and buses

Maribor is a major railway center. Trains bring you here from Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Venice and Zagreb.

Buses connect the city with other cities in Slovenia, as well as Belgrade, Sarajevo. Railway station and bus station located in the eastern part of the historic center.

By car

Maribor is easily accessible by car not only from Ljubljana, but and from Austria, Budapest, Zagreb. In order to use highways and highways in Slovenia, vignette required. You can buy a vignette at the border, at gas stations, in some kiosks, etc. Monthly vignette costs € 30, weekly – € 15.

Kitchen and food

The region’s cuisine is a mixture of traditional Slovenian and Mediterranean cuisine, Austrian and Italian traditions. Traditional dishes contain pork, sauerkraut, turnips, beans, eggs, cream, cottage cheese, various vegetables and potatoes. Also Here you can easily find many Austrian dishes. Italian cuisine. A rich wine-making traditions attract many wine lovers.

Restaurants of Maribor Restaurants Maribor

Shopping and shopping

Near Maribor is located one of the largest shopping centers. Europe – Europark. Many shops are located in the Old Center and on ul.Vetrinjska.

What to bring from Maribor? First of all, these are local products. – wine and pumpkin oil.

Sights of Maribor

The main attractions of Maribor are located in historical city center. Among the most interesting monuments history and culture should be noted remnants of the old city walls, ancient towers: the Tower of Justice, Water and Jewish towers, cathedral, synagogue, castle ruins, town hall and plague pillar. In the old town many ancient building.

Ribbon Ribbon

Ribbon is the oldest and most magical part of Maribor, located on the left bank of the Drava from the old vine to the tower of Justice and Market Square. If you go to the right bank of the river you can admire the wonderful panorama of the Old Year.

One of the old fortress towers - Waterworks One of of old defense towers – Water Pressure

In the oldest part of the city, you can look at fragments of old city ​​walls. Also in Maribor, there are three old defense towers – Justice, Water and Jewish.

The Old Vine and the House at the Old Vine Old Vine and House at the Old Vine

One of the main attractions of Maribor is old vine located in the middle of the old cities. It is the oldest vine in the world, which is inscribed in Guinness Book of Records and personifies the rich history of winemaking in Styria. It was planted 450 years ago and experienced several Turkish invasions. Interestingly, the vine still bears fruit. House, near which it is called the House at the Old Vine. Here You can feel the wine culture of the region, buy souvenirs and taste the wines.

Main (market) area the main (market Square

The main (market) square is the heart of the Old Town, the most important and a large area of ​​Maribor. Near the square is old bridge over the Drava. On the square itself you can see the Town Hall 16 century, the baroque plague pillar of the 17th century, the old brewery and others historical Buildings. Also here you can have a good time in cozy cafes.

Mariborsky castle Mariborsky Castle

Mariborg Castle is a baroque mansion in the historic center, in which now houses the regional museum. From the old castle to Maribor left only fragments.

Old Synagogue Old synagogue

The old synagogue is one of the main attractions. historical center, an important monument of Jewish culture. Origins This structure dates back to the 14th century. This is one of the oldest Jewish religious buildings in Europe.

Cathedral of Maribor Cathedral Maribor Cathedral

The Cathedral or the Capital is a Catholic church in Maribor, dedicated to John the Baptist. Also known as a burial site. the first Slovene saint. Already in the 13th century, this place was built an old Romanesque temple. The cathedral in the 14-15th century was rebuilt in Gothic style, and later added baroque features.

Franciscan Church Franciscan church

Franciscan Church – an old religious building in Gothic style in the historic center, built of red brick.

View of the night Maribor and the Drau River Night view Maribor and the Drava River

Tired of the city, you can visit the city park. This picturesque green massif is located near the old town near the shore Drava. Here, besides greenery, there are three ponds and aquarium terrarium.

Video – city of Maribor

Maps and guides

Detailed map of Maribor

Maribor on the map of Slovenia

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