Mannheim (Germany) – detailed information about the city with photos. Mannheim’s main attractions with a description, guides and cards.

City of Mannheim (Germany)

Mannheim is a city in southwestern Germany, the third largest in federal state of Baden-Wuertenburg. Located at the confluence Reina and Neckar. The center of Mannheim is like a chessboard where the streets replaced by squares of quarters. Addresses here are a link to specific quarter and house number in it. In this from the first time really hard to figure out.

Mannheim was founded in the 8th century as a small village in the area the confluence of two major rivers. Also here was a fortress guarded meeting place of the rivers Rhine and Neckar. Some time he served as a royal residence, lived or been here Goethe, Schiller, Mozart. Before World War II, Mannheim was most beautiful place, but was almost destroyed by bombing. The modern city was built according to modern (then) approaches to urban development.

Panorama of Mannheim Panorama of mannheim

Mannheim is located in one of the warmest German regions – Rhine Valley. The climate is temperate. Summer is very warm, winter is mild with small frosts. The average annual rainfall is more than 600 mm

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Practical information

  1. The population is 305.7 thousand people.
  2. Area – 145 square meters. km
  3. The language is German.
  4. Currency – Euro.
  5. Time – Central European UTC +1, in summer +2.
  6. Visa – Schengen.
  7. Mannheim is a great place to shop. Go shopping in the Fußgängerzone.
  8. The city is also known for its pretzels.

Mannheim Mannheim

How to get there

The nearest airport is located in Frankfurt. High-speed train Bring you to Mannheim in 30 minutes. The bus ride takes 1 hour. You can get to the city as many regional trains and buses.


The main attractions of Mannheim.

Water tower Water pressure tower

The water tower is one of the most famous German icons. Art Nouveau and one of the main symbols of Mannheim. Adjoins the tower small pretty park.

Church of Christ Church Of Christ

The Church of Christ is a neo-baroque Protestant church. Located near the water tower and surpasses it by height. It was built at the beginning of the 20th century and is considered the most beautiful. sacral construction of Mannheim.

Jesuit Church Jesuit Church

The Jesuit Church is one of the most beautiful baroque structures. cities. In close proximity is the area Schillerplatz.

Mannheim Palace Mannheim palace

Mannheim Palace is an impressive baroque palace, The largest baroque palace complex in Germany. Here now The university is located.

Old Observatory The old observatory

The old observatory is one of the oldest buildings in the city, built in baroque style. Once a place for astronomical observational, which now performs representative functions.

The Old Town Hall and the Church of Sebastian Old Town Hall and Sebastian church

Old Town Hall and Sebastian Church – architectural dominant baroque market square. Church of sv. Sebastian is considered The oldest building in Mannheim.


Maps and guides

Tourist City Map

Mannheim on the map of Germany

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