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City of Malmo (Sweden)

Malmo is a city in southern Sweden, the capital is Lena Skåne and the center historical area of ​​Scania. Located on the banks of the Öresund strait, which connects the North and Baltic Seas. Malmo – the third Sweden’s largest city with a glorious Hanseatic past, a major port and an important cultural center of the country with the most cosmopolitan atmosphere. Founded in the 13th century, it is filled with history, of different ages. old and modern architecture.

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Geography and climate

Malmo is located on the southern tip of the Scandinavian peninsula 19 km from Copenhagen, which is located on opposite the Öresund strait. This is one of the warmest. cities of Sweden. The climate is temperate marine. Summer is cool, and winter soft with slight frosts.

Although, as elsewhere, the weather can present surprises. Some periods in winter can be quite cold and snowy. Temperature can fall to – 10, – 15 ° C.

Malmo Malmo

Practical information

  1. The population is more than 330 thousand people.
  2. The area is 76.81 km².
  3. The currency is the Swedish krona.
  4. The language is Swedish.
  5. Time – UTC +1, summer +2.
  6. The distance to Stockholm is 615 km.
  7. The nearest international airport is located in Copenhagen. From there you can get to Malmo by train or bus (bus cheaper). In Sweden, the best way to travel is by train. A train Stockholm – Malmo overcomes the distance between cities for 4.5 hours, whereas by bus or car this way will take more than 6 hours
  8. Malmö’s main marketplaces: HansaCompagniet, Triangeln, Entré, Storgatan, Caroli. The main shopping streets are Södergatan and Södra Förstadsgatan.


Malmo is first mentioned in 1170. The city was founded as port near the Lund Archbishops Castle. In 1275 the settlement already had city status. Due to its favorable position and trade Malmo quickly turned into the second largest city Denmark (Scania then was part of the Danish kingdom). In 14 century city joined the Hanseatic League. Malmo dominated Scandinavia until the 16th century, until Copenhagen intercepted this role.

Malmo Canal in malmo

In 1658, as a result of years of war, Denmark gave Malmo Sweden After that, the city lost many privileges and came to decay. In 1775, the port was modernized, with the beginning Industrial Revolution gave the city a new impetus. Malmo has become one of the main industrial cities in Sweden, which It is now one of the centers of Swedish industry.

Throughout its history, Malmo has been considered a boring worker. the city. The opening of the bridge over Öresund in 2000 revived it bustling Hanseatic character and enhanced its tourist attractiveness

Malmo Malmo


Malmöhushus Malmöhus

Malmöhus is the oldest renaissance castle in Sweden, built in 15th century Danes as a fortification. The castle was destroyed during the Swedish uprising and restored after the end of the war with Denmark. Later it was destroyed and rebuilt a few more. time. After the fire in 1870, only two artillery remained. towers and main building. The castle was restored in 1930. AT Currently, it houses a museum of art.

Park Slotsträdgården A park Slottsträdgården

Directly at the castle begins the oldest park in Malmo – Kungsparken. There is another park across the small bridge – Slottsträdgården, famous windmill.

Church of St. Peter Church of sv. Petra

Church of sv. Petra – the oldest church in Malmo, built in 14 century in the style of brick Gothic. Known for old gravestones 17-18 centuries and medieval atmosphere.

Skyscraper Turning Torso Skyscraper Turning Torso

Turning Torso – one of the most famous modern buildings. Sweden Skyscraper with unusual architecture has a height of over 190 meters and is considered the tallest building in the country.

Small Square (Lilla Torg) Small square (Lilla Torg)

Small Square (Lilla Torg) – one of the most charming Malmo Squares with picturesque merchant houses of the 16th and 18th centuries. This is a popular place with many restaurants, cafes and bars. Nearby is the Gamla Wester district – a picturesque place with low houses and bright brick buildings.

Large Square (Stortorget) Big square (Stortorget)

The Big Square (Stortorget) is the largest square in Malmo, formed in 1530. In the center of the square is a horse statue of king carl gustav x. richly decorated town hall (built in 1546) is located on the east side.

Oresund Bridge Bridge Öresund

The Öresund Bridge is a magnificent modern engineering structure, connecting Sweden and Denmark. The bridge was opened in 1999 and is one of the longest in Europe. The bridge length is about 8 kilometers from Malmo to the artificial island of Peberholm, where it connects with the tunnel (4 km long) to Copenhagen.


Maps and guides

City map

Malmo on the map of Sweden

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