Main Market (Krakow)

Main Market – Rynek Główny w Krakowie

The main market is a huge medieval square in the Old Town Krakow. This is one of the largest and oldest market areas. Europe. The size of the area is truly impressive – about 4 hectares.

The main market is one of the centers of city life since Middle Ages. The square was founded in the 13th century. The market is located almost in the middle of the royal road leading from the gate of Florian to the royal castle Wawel.

Within the market square are located the famous sights of Krakow: the most beautiful church of St. Mary’s, the small church of St. Wojciech, Sukenice, tower destroyed City Hall, a monument to Adam Mitskevich – the national poet Poland, the controversial sculpture of Eros Associated. Around the perimeter old historic buildings are located in a variety of architectural styles.

Main market on the map

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