Lake Bled

Lake Bled, Slovenia – the most detailed description with photos, the main attractions, how to get and location on the map.

Lake Bled (Bled)

Lake Bled is a true Slovenian tale located in valley surrounded by the spurs of the Alps. Lake with the purest water, in which reflects the mountains, is included in the list of the best Alpine resorts. Bled throughout the year attracts Many tourists who love the charm of the mountains and nature calm and measured, active rest and fresh air.

Photos - Lake Bled in winter Photo – lake Bled in winter

Useful tourist information about Lake Bled

  1. Altitude 500 meters, cliffs of the castle – 604 meter
  2. The number of inhabitants of the city of the same name is more than 5,000. person.
  3. The maximum water temperature is 26 0 C.
  4. The lake area is 144 ha, with a length of 2120 meters and a width of 1380 meters
  5. There are thermal springs of mineral waters with constantly temperature of 23 degrees.
  6. Bled has a mild healthy subalpine climate with the most a long swimming season among the alpine resorts. The average temperature in July is 18.7 ° C, in January -1.2 0 C.
  7. The maximum depth of the lake is 30.6 meters.
  8. Distance from Ljubljana Airport – 35 km.
  9. The number of rooms more than 2000 rooms. There are cheap hostels, campgrounds, pensions and apartments.

Photos - Lake Bled Panorama A photo – panorama of Lake Bled

How to get to Bled?

The most convenient way is by plane to Ljubljana. Lake Bled located half an hour from the airport. View the schedule prices, book tickets here -https: //

It is also possible to come to Lake Blediz Italy (Trieste), Croatia (Zagreb), Austria (Graz). Better to take a ticket Ljubljana Then by bus to the city of Bled. Distance from the capital Slovenia 50 km.

Map – sights and places of interest of the lake Bled

Natural Attractions

Mountain landscapes Mountain scenery

Mountain landscapes – one of the business cards of the lake Bled There are several steep viewing platforms from which stunning views of the surroundings.

  • Ojstrica – 20 minutes walk, height 611 meters, great view at the campsite and lake surroundings.
  • Osojnica – is one of the most favorite points for photographers, so take a camera and prepare for stunning species. Walk – 45 minutes along a fairly steep forest trail leading to the small Osojnica (685 m) and another 20 minutes to the top of the large Osojnica (756m). The ascent will reward you with the best view of Lake Bled. and its surroundings.

Vintgar Gorge (Vintgar) Gorge Vintgar

Vintgar gorge – a beautiful mountain gorge with emerald water, waterfalls, pools and rapids, located 4 km west of Lake Bled. One of the most beautiful places of Slovenia.

Bled Island in winter Bled Island in the winter

Bled Island is the most recognizable symbol of the lake, island of the same name. Here is the Orthodox Church of the Assumption.

Mountain Plateau Mountain plateau

Mountain plateau – relaxation among stunning alpine nature in the heart of forests, meadows and pastures.

Triglav National Park National Triglav Park

Triglav National Park – the only national park in Slovenia, one of the oldest in Europe. Here you can enjoy stunning views of pure and unspoilt alpine nature.

Cultural Sights of Lake Bled

Church on the island Church on the island

The church on the island – a symbol of Lake Bled, the Church of the Assumption Virgin Mary. According to legend, the church was built in the old Slavic sanctuary dedicated to the goddess Ziva. The sanctuary was destroyed in skirmishes pagans and Christians. In the 11th century it was built here. Romanesque chapel, in the 15th century the church was rebuilt in the Gothic style, and in the early 16 after a strong earthquake – in the style baroque.

Panorama of the lake and the church on the island Lake panorama and the church on the island

The modern form of the church dates back to the 17th century, when it was restored after another earthquake. In architecture The church has a 56-meter bell tower, which was built in the 15th century. It has 3 bells. To climb upstairs need to overcome 99 steps.

St. Martin's Church Church St. Martin

St. Martin’s Church is a beautiful neo-Gothic temple, located in the city of Bled. Built in the early 20th century on place of the old gothic church. To his creation had a hand famous Slovenian architect Pleknik. Inside the church is decorated frescoes.

Castle Bled Bled Castle

Bled Castle is a beautiful old castle located on picturesque cliff above the lake. The history of the castle goes back to the beginning of the 11th century. Basically it was a fortification with towers and powerful fortifications, ditches filled with water and lifting bridge. The most interesting of all the surviving The building is definitely a gothic chapel. In the warm season the castle is the scene of various cultural events dedicated to the era of the Middle Ages. Now the castle is a museum-painting architecture in which interesting expositions are exhibited, representing the historical development of Bled and its culture.The cost of visiting the castle is 5 euros.

Symbols of Lake Bled

A bit about the most famous symbols of Lake Bled

Boat Pletna Boat Pletna

Boat Pletna-wooden boat with a flat bottom, pointed bow and stern for passengers. This is traditional a vehicle on a lake that can only be found here. It is highly recommended to take a tour of the lake at this the boat.

Cream cake is a famous local dessert.

KucheraFijaker – romantic trips to traditional carriage with a coachman.

Lake Bled on the map of Slovenia

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