Lago-Naki Plateau

Plateau Lago-naki – the most detailed information with photos.

Lago-Naki Plateau

Lago-Naki is a plateau (highland) located in the Western Caucasus. This is one of the most picturesque places of the Krasnodar Territory and the Republic Adygea, which by the beauty of nature can easily compete with Alps. The Lago-Naki Plateau is located near Maikop. Western part of the highlands is part of the Apsheron district of the Krasnodar region.

The average height of the Lagonaki Plateau is about 2000 meters. Large part of the plateau is included in the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve. Here you can enjoy nature in all its diversity: the tops of mountains covered coniferous forests with a predominance of pine and fir and alpine meadows, valleys of rapid rivers with waterfalls, caves and ravines. Natural beauty and the purest mountain air Lago-Naki will not leave anyone indifferent.

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  1. Geography and climate
  2. Best time to visit
  3. Practical information
  4. How to get there
  5. sights
  6. Comments and reviews

Geography and climate

The Lago-Naki Plateau is located in the western Caucasus Mountains in the southern parts of Adygea. In the east, the highlands border the Stone Sea Ridge, in the west – with the mountain of Messo. Southwest of the mountain range led by Fisht. On the Lago-Naki Plateau, the Belaya River originates, Kurgipps and some others. The climate is mountainous with some marine influence. Distance from the Black Sea in a straight line less than 100 km

Panorama Lago-naki Panorama Lago-naki

Best time to visit

Lago-naki can be visited all year round. In winter there is usually a lot snow, but the frost is not very strong. You can walk, ride tubing (there are several trails), skiing and snowboarding. Spring can to be both pretty cool and warm. Summer is pretty fresh, which is a great salvation from the southern heat. Autumn is very picturesque and warm enough.

Early Spring in Lago-Naki Early spring in lago-naki

How to get there

The Lago-Naki Plateau is located 75 km from the capital of the Republic of Adygea – Maikop. From Maykop you need to move towards the settlements Kammenomostsky and Dakhovskaya. Closer to the top the road becomes worse so be careful.

At the entrance to the plateau On approaching the plateau


The main attraction of the Lago-Naki plateau is wonderful nature. These mountains have recently become more popular.

Forest in Lago-Naki Places for recreation and parking

What is interesting here:

  1. Big Azish Cave – the largest open to the public cave system Lago-naki. Located on the south side of Azish-Tau. The cave has a length of more than 600 meters. Of them equipped for tourists 200 m.
  2. The Small Azish Cave is a small pawn also in Azish-Tau.
  3. Gentle Cave – a small equipped cave of the same name base, located on the road to the plateau.
  4. Khadzhokhskaya gorge in the village of Kammenomostsky – picturesque Belaya gorge, part of which is equipped for visits

Lago-naki Plateau on the map

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