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City Kranj (Slovenia)

Kranj is a city in northwestern Slovenia, located on the banks of the Savave River are 20 km from Ljubljana. This is the fourth The country’s largest city and the ancient capital of the historical region Extreme. Kranj – one of the oldest cities in Slovenia, the historical the center of which is one of the most interesting and beautiful across the country.

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Kranj is considered the capital of the Slovenian Alps and cultural center. country. The city offers tourists at any time of year almost the whole range of leisure and entertainment from viewing the vintage attractions before exploring the beautiful nature, gastronomic tourism and outdoor activities. Occupying a successful Location, Kranj will help you discover Slovenia.

Panorama of the city of Kranj Panorama of the city of Kranj


Kranj has a very good location. 30 minutes drive romantic Ljubljana, and in 40 minutes – picturesque Bled. This is very convenient starting point for getting to know the most important ones sights of Slovenia. This place is located at the foot of the Alps on the shores of two rivers for thousands of years attracted many nations and has always been a lively center region.

Night Kran Night Kranj


The old town of Kranj is located between the Sava and Cokra rivers. First settlements on this place existed during the time of the Celts. Further the development of the city was due to its important strategic position and the function of the outpost on the way of the Germanic tribes.

The city quickly became the Slavic center of the region. In the 13th century Kranj received city privileges. In the middle ages the city was surrounded by walls with defensive towers. At that time Kranj is actively growing and developing – new buildings are being built and buildings, temples. In the 19th century, the city turns into a powerful industrial center of the region.

Night Kran Night Kranj

Currently Kranj is one of the cultural, economic and industrial centers of Slovenia. The city is often deprived of attention tourists. And very vain.

How to get there

The city has probably the best transport infrastructure in Slovenia. The international airport is located just 7 km from the city. And Kranj itself is not connected by transport only with the cities of Slovenia, but also with Austria and Italy. 75 km Postojna is located, and to the Adriatic coast of the city of Piran drive 145 km

By train

By bus

Fog over the city of Kranj Fog over the city Kranj

Cuisine and gastronomy

Kranj is one of the culinary capitals of Slovenia. Here almost at every corner it smells like something delicious: the smell of fresh bread, aromatic sausages and soups, sweets. Many cozy cafes and restaurants open their doors and are ready to offer delicious dishes Slovenian, Austrian and Italian cuisine.


Kranj is located in a temperate zone with warm summers and mild winters with infrequent frosts and snow. During the year falls a lot of rain.

Winter Kran Winter Kranj

Practical tourist information

  1. All galleries and museums are closed on Mondays.
  2. Monetary currency is Euro.
  3. Time – Central European (+1).
  4. In the old town there are free Wi-Fi points.

Sights of the city of Kranj

The main attraction of the city of Kranj – charming Old city. This monument of history and culture has kept many attractions and ancient architecture. The old part of the city once completely surrounded the walls with eight defensive towers. Until our time, we managed to save only three towers.

Evening in the old town Evening in the old the city

You can start exploring the sights of the city with The main square. This is the real heart of the Old Town. Today’s appearance area received in the 16-17 centuries.

Main Square Main square

In the northern part of the square there is a city fountain, restored in the first half of the 19th century. First fountain on this The place was built in the 16th century.

On the main square there are several important historical buildings.

Church of St. Kanzian Church of sv. Kanziana

Church of sv. Kanziana is one of the symbols of the historical center. Beautiful Gothic church of the 15th century. One of the most important monuments of gothic architecture of slovenia.

Near the church there is a 5 meter bronze statue the greatest Slovenian poet, Franz Preschern.

Town Hall Town hall

Town Hall – an ancient palace of the 16th century in the Renaissance style. Today on The ground floor houses the museum and art gallery.

Church of the Mother of God Church of God Mothers

Church of Our Lady – the first half Protestant church 16th century.

Panorama of the old city Old panorama cities

The Count’s Castle Khislestein – an ancient castle acquired in 16 century nobles of the Kishl family and later rebuilt by them. Now in it National Museum is located.

On the Tomšičeva street there is an old defensive tower, served as part of the city wall and armory.

In the center of Kranj is a very romantic place – Vovkov the garden. The garden is surrounded by remnants of old fortress walls and defensive towers.

In the old town you can also visit the underground. These are artificial underground structures that have long been lost their original purpose. The cost of their visit – 3 euros.

Streets of the old city Streets old cities

On a small hill near the village of Stražišce is located small chapel of sv. Petra. Her exact time of occurrence is not is known. But scientists believe that its construction dates back to 11 century.

Very interesting area of ​​the old town – Pungert, located near the square Trubarjev. Here you can look at the only fully preserved defensive tower built in the 16th century. Nearby is a beautiful gothic 15th century church.

In the suburb of Kranj is a beautiful Renaissance castle of the 16th century. Brdo with a rich historical heritage.

Video – Kranj town

Maps and guides

Map of Kranj Location of attractions on the map

Kranj on the map of Slovenia

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