Konya (Turkey) – the most detailed information about the city with photos. The main sights of Konya with a description, guides and cards.

Konya (Turkey)

Konya is one of the largest cities in Turkey, known for its rich in history and cultural heritage. Located in the south countries in the plains of Central Anatolia. Konya is an ancient city with Seljuk era architecture, old mosques and madrasas. Known as the place of life of one of the founders of Sufism Rumi or Mevlyany, who is buried here. Konya is one of Turkey’s most conservative cities with charming provincial a charm in which traditions are still strong.

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Geography and climate

Konya is located on the steppe plains in the southern part of Central Anatolia. In the vicinity of the city there are several large lakes. Climate – semi-arid (hot summer continental). Summer quite hot with an average temperature of about 30 ° and cool nights. Winters are cool with occasional negative temperatures.

Panorama Konya Panorama Konya

Practical information

  1. The population is more than 2 million people.
  2. Area – 38 873 square kilometers.
  3. The language is Turkish.
  4. Time – UTC +3.
  5. The currency is Turkish Lira.
  6. Visa – for up to 60 days it is enough to have a passport whose actions are more than four months from the date of entry into Turkey


The surroundings of Konya were settled already in the Neolithic. Near is the ancient settlement of Chatal-Guyuk, which was founded almost 10,000 years ago. In the ancient period there was Greek settlement Iconion, which belonged to Phrygia. In roman period, the emperor Claudius gave it to veterans. The city was named Clavdice and belonged to the province of Lycaonia.

Streets of Konya Streets of Konya

In the 11th century the city was occupied by the Seljuks. Later Konya was the capital Iconium Sultanate. In 1244, Rumi founded the Sufi order After the Mongol invasion, Konya became the center of Sufism. At 15 century the city became part of the Ottoman Empire and had an important religious value. In 1925, Atatürk banned the activities of Sufi orders, because they believed that they hinder the modernization of Turkey and turning it into a secular state.

How to get there

Konya Airport is located 18 km from the city. Has a regular communication with Istanbul, and in the summer period with the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark. Konya is the southernmost point of high-speed iron the road that connects it with Ankara, Istanbul and Eskisehir. There is a bus service to Cappadocia, Izmir, Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya.

Ancient mosque in Konya Ancient mosque in Horse

Shopping and shopping

Konya is a great place to buy traditional Turkish. goods and make other purchases. Large shopping centers: Kule and Kent Plaza.

Konya Konya

Food and drink

In Konya you can taste the delicious traditional cuisine, which includes various types of bakery products, köfte and kebap. Etliekmek is a popular meal – thin bread with meat or cheese. (something like pizza).


Most of Konya’s sights date back to the era Seljuks or associated with the movement of Sufism – these are old mosques and madrasas

Museum of Rumi (Mevlyana) Mevlyan Museum

Mevlana Museum and Rumi Mausoleum – one of the main Attractions Konya, which is the tomb the founder of Sufism, the philosopher and poet Rumi. The museum stores historical relics that are associated with his life. Also here can look at old manuscripts, musical instruments and numerous artworks related to the era Seljuks.

Alaeddin Tepe Alaeddin Tepe

Alaeddin Tepe is a park in the city center, located right on the territory of the former citadel of Konya on the hill. At the foot of the slope located excavations of the ancient palace of Alaeddin from the dynasty Karamanidov and the remains of the old city wall. On top of a hill there is an ancient colonnade mosque of the 13th century.

Selimiye Selimiye

Selimiye is a huge domed mosque built under the Sultan Selime II between 1566 and 1574. This is one of the most beautiful Konya’s religious buildings, which is an Ottoman masterpiece architecture. The mosque has two minarets and interesting arcades with in columns.

Mosque Azizie Aziziye Mosque

Aziziye Mosque – a small religious building in the area lively bazaar. The mosque was built in the 17th century and reconstructed in the 19th century. It has an unusual baroque design and rococo interior that creates an interesting contrast with traditional elements of Muslim architecture.

Sahibi Ata Sahibi Ata

Sahibi-Ata is a 13th century religious complex with a mosque. Interesting features: ornate entrance gate, beautiful decorated prayer niche and museum with an interesting collection religious artifacts.

Iplikchi Iplikchi

Iplikchi is an old mosque dating from the 13th century. Has been restored About 50 years ago. This is a great example of architecture. Seljuks.

Interesting museums Konya:

  • The tile museum is located in the building of the 13th century old madrasah. Its interior walls are covered with beautiful patterns, and the exhibits represent various historical finds of ancient ceramics.
  • The museum of wood and stone carving is also located in the building. old madrasah of the 13th century. Here is a large collection wooden and stone sculptures of the Seljuks era.
  • Archaeological Museum – a collection of ancient finds of the era Neolithic, Greek and Roman artifacts.

Interesting places in the vicinity

Chatalkhyuk Chatalhöyuk

Chatalhöyuk (Chatal-Guük) is an ancient Neolithic city settlement, which is one of the main archaeological discoveries of the 20th century. Considered to be the oldest city in the world, which was built over 9,000 years ago.

Sille Sille

Sille is a small village 8 km north-west from the center of Konya with a millennial history. In ancient times, here was held the Silk the path and pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Interesting features: several old mosques and traditional houses, cave churches, catacombs, ancient rock houses, roman water bridge.


Maps and guides

City map

Konya on the map of Turkey

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