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City of Klagenfurt (Austria)

Klagenfurt – a city in the south of Austria, the capital of the federal state Carinthia. Located near the border of Sloveneyna south of a wooded ridge in the valley of the river Drava. Klagenfurt is a quiet city with a beautiful historic center with picturesque streets, old historic buildings and numerous arcade courtyards in the style Renaissance. The old canal, dug in the 16th century, will connect Klagenfurt with Wörther See – the largest lake in Carinthia.

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Geography and climate

Klagenfurt is located in southern Austria on the river Glan in the valley Drava east of Lake Worther See. The city center lies on top 450 m. The highest point is Mount Ulrichsberg (1022 m). The climate is moderately continental with fairly large variations. between the seasons. Summer is warm and humid, winter is enough cold

Panorama of the city Panorama of the city

Practical information

  1. The population is 100.4 thousand people.
  2. The area is 120.03 square kilometers.
  3. The language is German.
  4. Currency – Euro.
  5. Visa – Schengen.
  6. Time – Central European UTC +1, in summer +2.
  7. The Tourist Information Center is located at: Neuer Platz, 5.


The founders of Klagenfurt are Hermann Carinthian dukes von Spanheim and Bernhard von Spanheim. The first mention of the settlement with this name date from 1193-1199. In 1246 Klagenfurt received city ​​rights. Interestingly, ten kilometers in antiquity was the Roman city of Virunum.

Klagenfurt in winter Klagenfurt in the winter

Until the 16th century, Klagenfurt was a small town and played secondary role not only in southern Austria, but also in Carinthia, where the main city was Villach. In 1514 he was almost completely destroyed by fire. Later, Klagenfurt became the capital of Carinthian Duchy During the Napoleonic wars was occupied by the French. With the bombing of World War II was destroyed 60% cities.

How to get there

Klagenfurt has an international airport that has regular flights from London, Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Vienna, Munich, Hannover, Hamburg. You can also use airports of Trieste, Ljubljana, Graz, Salzburg, Maribor and Venice

Klagenfurt is a major railway junction on the way from Austria to Slovenia and Italy. By train you can get here from all major cities of Austria, Slovenia and Italy.

Shopping and shopping

The old town of Klagenfurt is a pedestrian zone and here you can find a wide variety of shops. In the center is located City Arkaden shopping center, on the outskirts – Südpark. On Benediktinermarkt is held every Thursday and Saturday farmer a market in which organic products from Carinthia are sold, Friuli and Slovenia.

Christmas Market Christmas market

Food and drink

Carinthian cuisine has absorbed the traditions of the Austrian, Slovenian and Italian cuisine. Traditional dishes: Dampfnudel (dumplings, served with cranberry cream), Frigga (corn with mushrooms and bacon), Glundner Kas, Hauswürstel (home-made sausage), Kasnudel (macaroni with meat and spinach), Kirchtag (soup of different types of meat), Maisch Alan (pork with porridge), Reindling (rustic raisin cake and cinnamon), Ritschert (stew with beans), Sterz (Carinthian option polenta).


New Square New square

One of the features of the center of Klagenfurt is the New Square. (Neuer Platz). Here is one of the main attractions of the city – the massive dragon fountain (Lindwurmbrunnen). According to legend, Klagenfurt was built in a swamp, on which the dragon dwelt. This huge sculpture was installed in the 16th century. On the square is also a column of St. Trinity 17th century. On the west side is the former palace Rosenberg, built in 1580 and rebuilt several times at 17 century.

Landhaus Landhaus

Near the Old Square (Alter Platz) is located one of The most important historical buildings in the city are the Landhaus. It is built between the years 1574-90 on the site of an earlier ducal castle. The building has two impressive towers and a beautiful arcade. courtyard. In the garden you can see ancient roman stones with inscriptions, and in the north wing are the remains of an old arsenal. The building has an impressive interior in the style of the Renaissance, decorated frescoes and coats of arms.

Cathedral Cathedral Cathedral

Klagenfurt Cathedral – the main religious building city, built in the late 16th century. Interesting that this the catholic church was originally built for protestants and during the construction period was the largest protestant church in Austria. The interior of the cathedral is Baroque and richly decorated. stucco and ceiling paintings.

Old Square Old square

Old Square (Alter Platz) is the core of the oldest part. Klagenfurt. The area is surrounded by many beautiful historical Baroque buildings, including the Old Town Hall (Altes Rathaus), characterized by a picturesque three-story arcade courtyard. Also Interesting House of the Golden Goose (zur Goldenen Gans) – magnificent An old building dating from about 1500. In the north Old Square is an old parish church (Stadtpfarrkirche) 17th century, famous for its historical tombstones and impressive ceiling paintings.

Cistercian Abbey Cistercian abbey

Cistercian Abbey is located in the Viktring district and was founded in the 12th century. It is one of the largest monasteries of the south. Austria. The abbey has a beautiful early gothic church.

Interesting places and attractions near Klagenfurt

Wörther Werther See

Wörther See – picturesque lake surrounded by alpine foothills and overlooking the snow-capped peaks of the Alps. Famous for its warm clear turquoise waters (in summer the water temperature reaches 25 ° C). To enjoy the panorama of these places visit Pyramidenkogel – the largest viewing platform made of wood.


Khokhostervice – one of the most beautiful medieval castles Austria. Located on top of a picturesque cliff above the city Launsdorf, 21 km north-east of Klagenfurt. First time was mentioned in the 9th century and never captured. The castle is preserved in excellent condition.

Maria Zal Maria Zal

Maria Zal is an ancient church ten kilometers north of Klagenfurt, a popular place of pilgrimage. The current two-story the structure was built in the Gothic style in the first half 15 century, and then rebuilt in the style of the Renaissance and Baroque. Main features: beautiful old tombstones, frescoes and various ancient art objects.

Minimundus Minimundus

Minimundus – beautiful miniatures of the most famous attractions of the world, built on a scale of 1:25. Collection has 150 models and is located west of Klagenfurt.


Maps and guides

City map

Klagenfurt on the map of Austria

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