Jicin (Czech Republic) – the most detailed information about the city with photos. The main attractions of Jicin with a description, guides and cards.

City Jicin (Czech Republic)

Jicin – a city in the Czech Republic, located northeast of Prague on a distance of 85 km in a cozy picturesque place on the border of the reserve “Bohemian Paradise. Despite its small size, there is something in Jicin have a look

Jycin experienced the greatest flourishing during the possession of the city Albrecht of Waldstein (who acquired the settlement in 1621). He made the city the center of his region and even minted his coins. But all the same throughout its history, Jicin always remained small provincial town, rolling in possession of one noble family to another.

Panorama Yicin Panorama Yicin

Despite the provincial character, Jicin to this day has kept many historical sites, so its A visit will definitely leave unforgettable impressions. Historical city ​​center – Wallenstein Square, surrounded on all sides beautiful arcade buildings, mainly baroque.

Due to its location, Jicin is a natural entrance. to the scenic reserve. The city is also often called the “gateway to Bohemian Paradise “. There are many tourist hiking routes to the picturesque Prahov rocks.

Prahov rocks Prahov Rocks

Sights of Jicin

The main attractions of the city are the Wallenstein Castle, Valdice Gates, old water tower, gothic church and synagogue. The architecture of Wallenstein Square is also very beautiful – historical city center.

Valditsky gate Valditz Gate

Valdická brána – one of the most important Attractions Yicin and the symbol of the city. It is high (56 meters) Gothic watchtower, former stronghold of fortress walls cities. It was built in the years 1568-1578. Now used as gallery.

Wallenstein Castle – a Renaissance castle built in early 17th century. Later rebuilt in early baroque style. Today it houses a museum of local lore and art gallery.

Wallenstein Square Valdstein square

Waldstein Square – the central square of the historic center Yicin. The area is surrounded by a unique ensemble of historical arcade buildings. The main attractions of the area – the fountain The coronation, the Marianan column and the fountain with the statue of Amphitrite.

  • Coronation Fountain – a fountain of the first half of the 19th century, built in honor of the coronation of the Czech king Ferdinand V. The fountain is made in Empire style in the form of a small temple with a height of about 7 meters.
  • Mariana Column – was erected in 1702. On pedestal are four angels. At the top is a statue of the Virgin Mary’s
  • Amphitrite Fountain is a neoclassical fountain located in Eastern Wallenstein Square. Built in 1835.

Church of St. Yakub the Bolshoi Church of sv. Yakuba Large

Church of sv. Jakub Bolshoi is a baroque church built in Jichine Albrecht from Waldstein in 1701. It is interesting that the church does not have a tower.

Church of St. Ignace Church of sv. Ignacia

Video – Jicin City

Maps and guides

Map of the historic city center

Jicin on the map of the Czech Republic

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