How to pack a suitcase: practical leadership

Here are some simple rules and tips that will allow properly pack a suitcase, take only the most necessary things and minimize the mass of baggage.

The larger the suitcase, the more things you take with you.

The easiest way to not take a lot of things with you is to buy small or medium suitcase.

Take with you only the most necessary things.

Put all the clothes you want to take with you and perform simple arithmetic calculations. For a week travel enough to take: two trousers (jeans), five or six pairs socks and shorts, a pair of shirts, three T-shirts, two pairs of shoes (including including one for bad or wet weather), one sweater.

Depending on the purpose of your visit, season and country list need to adjust. It is logical that in hot countries you need to give preference only summer things.

It is advisable to monitor the weather before traveling resting places to take wardrobe items that really fit this season.

It is advisable to choose things to travel in one color. and style. Preference is better to give more versatile items. wardrobe: jeans, sneakers or sneakers.

Fill every centimeter of free space

The whole space of your suitcase should be used for maximum. You need to pack things as if you were playing Tetris. Put the socks inside the shoes, charging, etc. How to pack suitcase? It all depends on your preferences. Below are the most popular suitcase packing techniques.

One of the techniques of packing a suitcase is that things are rolled up into tight rolls. Source - of the methods of packing the suitcase – things are rolled into tight rolls. Source –

Most popular suitcase packing techniques

  1. Folding T-shirts, jeans and sweaters (sweatshirts) into tight rolls. This will allow you to use the entire space of the suitcase by maximum and minimize the haze of things.
  2. The use of special packaging boxes. These organizers allow you to properly distribute things and provide them with a quick access.
  3. Packing things in the style of “snail”. In the center you need to do core with underwear and t-shirts. Then wrap them around. things.

Packing a suitcase using special boxes. Source - Packing a suitcase using special boxes. A source –

Put the most necessary things on top.

Those items of clothing that will be useful in the first place, put on top, so that they are easily accessible, and you do not spend time to search for them and the subsequent packing of things.

Toiletries and medicines are recommended to pack in separate box (cosmetic bag) and place them on top

Keep this bag in the corner of a suitcase near a zipper, or in another location that will provide quick and easy access to it. Also such the organizer will allow you not to forget something from the toiletries in the hotel.

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