How to overcome the fear of flying

Most of us love to travel and discover new ones. places. But sometimes the fear of flying can stop from new discoveries and travel in general. Aerophobia can be caused a number of factors, including claustrophobia or fear of heights. Many passengers have an irrational concern about that their plane could fail.

Aerophobia – fear of flying on aircraft. By statistics, it affects about 25% of people.

No matter why you are afraid to fly, you can take a series of steps that will significantly reduce anxiety and fear of flying.

Learn about airplanes and their security systems.

Familiarity with the most common passenger models airplanes will make them less intimidating. Find out which flying the machine is flying you. See his photo and study it. inner space. In addition, the aircraft are equipped with the most modern and reliable security systems. Most necessary minimum systems are duplicated to enhance overall fault tolerance.

Choose a seat in front of the aircraft at the aisle

This is likely to reduce your anxiety or fear. Place passage will make you feel less squeezed, it will be easier for you get up and move around the cabin and also help avoid species height of the porthole. In addition, in front of the aircraft less turbulence.

Tune in a positive way

For some time before the flight, do not listen or read. negative news related to plane crashes. To the airport Come in advance to avoid unnecessary hassle. In flight think about the rest, what you do there, what to see. Take with a book, download relaxing music to your smartphone or funny movie. This will allow you to distract from negative thoughts.

Before and during flight, avoid consuming caffeine

Caffeine can make you even more nervous.

Do not be afraid of turbulence

Turbulence is one of the most embarrassing flight conditions for passengers. It occurs almost during any flight. Remember that even the strongest turbulence is not dangerous for aircraft.

Use the help of a doctor or sedatives.

If the fear of flying is especially debilitating, then refer to a doctor so that he prescribes a sedative or suitable hypnotic.

And what advice do you have to overcome the fear of flying. Write in comments!

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