How to avoid becoming a victim of pickpockets in traveling

Going on a trip, you need to think through every detail. To have a good rest and not spoil your rest, you need to advance take care of the safety of their belongings. In every country in that among others in Thailand, there are thieves and pickpockets. The victim is determined pretty quickly – it is an inattentive and absent-minded person. People, who travel often, have experience and know how correctly save your money and documents from pickpockets. Thieves just a couple of seconds can pull valuables and bring you a lot of problems on vacation. To travel not to become a victim of pickpockets, it is important to know some useful tips

Most common are Russian tourists in Thailand, less often – from EU countries. As for the Thais, then 90% of them are honest people. They believe that if you commit theft, the next life will surely become beggars.

In which places are most often pickpockets

Popular attractions. There are pickpockets here quite often. This is because tourists in such places are often very inconsiderate: take pictures, inspect, communicate. A traveler, discovering new places in the world, may not even notice how the theft occurred.

Museums. In most museums entrance is paid, but it is completely does not stop pickpockets. While you are considering great masterpieces, pickpockets keep your eyes on your bag. More often thieves seek sacrifice in popular, crowded and large museums.

Public transportation. A very big chance to become a victim in trolley buses, buses, subways (for example, in the subway Bangkok) and trams. In the crowd, in an uncomfortable position, you can not notice the theft and do not attach importance to the person who hurt you. AT travels quite often such troubles happen precisely in transport, be careful during the trip. By reviews of tourists, pickpockets are very fond of Thai knock-tuki.

Beach. It is better to go to the beach by there was always at least one person watching the shore. your things. No valuables or large items should be taken on the beach. amounts of money.

Cafes, bars and restaurants. During lunch in a restaurant some people hang bags or clothes on hangers or backs chairs. Pickpockets can easily get to your belongings.

Belt bag for money

Belt bag for money

Holiday Theft – How to Avoid

Buy a money belt that will save you from pickpockets. Belt designed to hide from thieves a place of storage of valuable things and of money. The belt under clothing is completely invisible to others.

Do not carry a lot of money with you and do not show it to strangers. Spread the amount into several parts. So, if the theft occurs, then you will not lose absolutely all the money.

When traveling, always keep an eye on your bag. Many tourists forget and do not pay attention to it. But often it is the bag becomes the target of the thief. To avoid theft, you need to stick simple rules:

  • Hold the bag in front of you. It is better to throw it so that it was in front, always in sight.
  • Block lightning to make it difficult for pickpockets to reach. up to the goal.
  • Attach the bag to a fixed object.

Put your wallet in your front pocket. Pickpockets choose such the victims who put money in the back pocket of the pants. In restaurants, cafe, on the beach do not leave the phone in a prominent place. After talking phone, immediately hide it in a bag or front pocket.

It is best to take plastic bank cards with you. (some). They need to be stored in different places. The best way, when one card will be with you, and the second will remain in the room hotel, and always in the safe, as the hotels have their own thefts and cheats.

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