How do Thai and Thai belong to foreigners?

Residents of different regions of Thailand differ in their attitude towards foreigners. For example, the most famous person resort city, Pattaya, have long been not so sincere and naive Asians, as it was before. Only those who came from provinces relatively recently, have retained their immediate friendly attitude towards visitors.

What is the reason for this altered attitude Thais and taek to foreigners? Thailand used to be a place recreation of wealthy people in the same Pattaya initially rested US Navy trying to sack ashore get everything from life and do not pity for this green paper with portraits of presidents. In this case, the standard of living of Thais was so low that tourists overpaying several times relative to prices for the locals, they were surprised at how cheap it all was. By the way, so happened that most Thais love Russian girls and want to marry them.

And now the situation has changed in the other direction: the spread cheap package tours attract a lot of people who want to relax as cheap as possible and not wanting to pay extra money. Wherein they have a minimum of funds, and they bargain to the last. Resolution entry without a visa to Thailand for the Russians even more aggravated the situation. And the standard of living of Thais has grown, now for a penny there is not you will live. Money has become less, making money from tourists has become more difficult, as a result, the attitude towards them has changed for the worse the side.

And what are the Thai and Thai secret to foreigners in whole The attitude is a little indulgent, visitors are called by the word farang On the one hand, this is not quite a polite nickname, but something like the name of the Chinese “kitaezami.” Only by farang, by default, consider a person with wealth, with money, which can afford what most ordinary Thais cannot. But at they put themselves above this, and in most conflicts between local and farang is farang.

How do Thais relate to Russians?

Residents of Thailand from the provinces, undisturbed by the flow of tourists, treat foreigners with curiosity and goodwill. They always willing to disinterestedly help, they are interested to communicate, and yes the name “Land of Smiles” appeared far from scratch, as once, thanks to the happy and smiling Thai. Of course in tourist places it is not so, but even many adequate Russians Tourists in Thailand are being killed by bad manners and rudeness. our compatriots. Having seen enough drunk mordovoroty Russian in Pattaya, which is long overdue to rename Pattaisk or Pattayevka, unwillingly you ask yourself the question “How are the Thais endure? ”

If you want to know the real Thailand and real Thais – visit non-touristic areas of the country, look at its life residents, their culture, communicate with them. After such a trip you can to be sure that this nation will be remembered by you as pleasant, cheerful, positive, good-natured and hospitable people.

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