How bred tourists in Thailand

Survive in Thailand can a person who knows a lot about life collisions. This does not make serious mistakes in life, always on the alert. But if a person’s life doesn’t teach anything, that’s how to cheat not a sin. Enthusiastic Thais can easily fall for the bait of various suits. Frauds in Thailand always alert, see easy prey!

The local population is engaged in all types of business, but their business not always completely legal and legal. Many of them are willing. profit from foreign tourists. But in Thailand they trade not only Thais. Russian bandits willingly go here, from other countries of the former USSR, from Europe, solely for the purpose of breeding those who wish buy some real estate in this fabulous corner.

Divorce when buying a property

Foreigners love to invest in Thai real estate. But often foreigners have to make a lot of effort to do not overreach yourself. After all, some Thais know how cleverly to breed tourists for money and real estate (more about how buy housing in Thailand and not run into scams), local the police on these cases, sometimes, even does not pay attention. Besides Moreover, it is also money invested in the Thai economy. And as “bait” for gullible foreigners act charming Thai And such a divorce in Thailand the usual thing.

Divorce retired

And the elderly are the easiest prey for taekas. pensioners in Thailand (Hua Hin – the city of pensioners). They can not resist them. And can not even imagine that become for beauties ordinary financial sponsor. Thai know thousands of ways to pull out of gullible old people literally everything their money. And they will not even notice how they will be on the street with nothing. BUT the street has its own laws, very cruel. And if there is no one with with a soft and kind heart, who will understand and help, then a person can and not survive (fortunately, the Thais are quite kind people). And significant aid to unfortunate foreigners deceived by local sneaks can render the police. She keeps track of these poor fellows and returns them to Homeland.

MMM in Thailand

Money can ruin anyone. And if you can get them on Darmeschina – why not try, especially since Europe is such a thing? The layout is simple and straightforward. – MMM. Now this enrichment virus is also available electronically. spread all over the internet. But this is for advanced – the Internet. And in those places where it is not, in particular in the outback Thailand’s many MMM “offices” open, often without knowledge of the Mavrodi. In the same way as in Russia, Ukraine and other countries, MMM in Thailand, recruits ordinary people taking away the last money.

Note. Who in the subject, tell me, is relevant Now MMM after the death of Mavrodi?

Sale of dietary supplements

Play by fraudsters and the understandable desire of people to be healthy. AND against the background of a large number of really good dietary supplements, sell by fabulous prices dummies acting like a placebo. Ok if in the tablet itself there is nothing but calcium or soda … And people being led to this, willingly buy “miraculous elixirs “. We must also be careful in the market. Thais in second recognize an inexperienced tourist, sell him goods at times more expensive, or godlessly weighing and cheating.

Ways of cheating in Thailand do not count. And although more than once told how tourists are cheated Thailand, people repeatedly attack the same rake. In the fabulously wonderful Thailand you should always keep your ear Anticipated so that the impressions of the country will not be spoiled scammers

Also often there are divorces when renting bikes in Thailand. The story of a divorce on the example of a fictional tourist You can read the article at the link above.

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