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City Helsingør (Denmark)

Helsingør (Elsinore) – a city in the north-east of Zealand in Denmark. Located 46 km from Copenhagen at the narrowest point Oresund strait, opposite the Swedish city of Helsingborg. Most Helsingør’s famous attraction is the castle Kronborg, in which the action of the famous Shakespearean “Hamlet”. Also the city has a beautiful medieval historical center, which is a well-preserved Carmelite a monastery and several old churches.

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Geography and climate

Helsingor is located in the northeastern part of Zealand on coast of the Öresund strait. On the opposite bank is Sweden. The climate is temperate sea with cool summer and mild in the winter.

Helsingor Streets Streets Helsingor

Practical information

  1. The population is more than 60 thousand people.
  2. The area is 121.61 km2.
  3. The language is Danish.
  4. Currency – Danish Krone.
  5. Time – UTC +1, summer +2.
  6. The city has a regular ferry service with Swedish Helsingborg is therefore very popular with the Swedes who come here for relatively cheap food, alcohol and shopping.
  7. Small Helsingør has over 200 stores. The most A popular shopping area is the Axel Square neighborhood. Torv.


The first mention of the settlement on the place of Helsingor is dated 1231 year. The city itself was founded in the 1420s by the Danish king. Eric Pomeranian. He built here the castle Krogen, which was in late 16th century renamed Kronborg. In the Middle Ages Helsingor became one of the most important and largest cities in Denmark. All ships which passed through the Åresund strait, had to enter the port Helsingor and pay a fee.

Panorama of the city Panorama cities

Helsingor flourished until the mid-19th century, while it existed fee for passage through Öresund. After the cancellation of these payments the city collapsed into poverty. In the future, the situation has corrected industrialization, which turned Helsingør into a fairly large industrial center and port. Now the city is one of the busiest transit points between Denmark and Sweden.


Kronborg Kronborg

Kronborg – the majestic castle, which is included in the list UNESCO World Heritage sites and glorified by the great William Shakespeare in the tragedy of Hamlet. This is the most popular tourist destination. landmark northeast of Helsingør from the city center on a small peninsula that cuts into the Öresund strait. The castle was founded in the first half of the 15th century by the king. Eric Pomeranian and named Krogen. It was used to collect duties from ships passing through Øresund.

In the 16th century, the castle was rebuilt into a magnificent renaissance Palace, which at that time had no analogues in Europe, and renamed to Kronborg. The castle was restored after a large the fire of 1629 and later served as a base garrison Interesting features of Kronborg: a chapel in the south wing with a magnificent Renaissance interior and wood carving, the grand ballroom and knight’s halls in the north wing and the superb tapestries in the west wing.

One of the most interesting museums of Helsingør is the marine The museum is one of the best places to explore the marine heritage of Denmark. Located in the old dry docks of the former shipyard not far from Kronborg.

Church of St. Olaf Church of sv. Olaf

Church of sv. Olaf – Red Brick Gothic Cathedral the historic center of Helsingør. It was built in 1559 and dedicated to the Norwegian king Olaf, who was canonized. Interestingly, the church itself was founded in the 13th century. Leftovers ancient decorations and fragments of the old Romanesque chapel still can be seen in the north wall of the nave. Other sights Cathedral – Dutch alabaster altars, beautifully carved pulpit and a series of frescoes.

Carmelite Monastery Carmelite monastery

Carmelite Monastery – the ancient abbey of the Order of the Carmelites, founded in the 15th century. Is one of the best preserved monasteries in Scandinavia. One of his main attractions is the church of sv. Mary built in Late Middle Ages. The church has a beautiful interior and magnificent body.

Stengade Stengade

One of the most beautiful streets of Helsingør is Stengade, on which has many shops. Also recommend look at the Axeltorv square, where the beautiful fountain.

Interesting sights in the vicinity Helsingor

Frederiksborg Frederiksborg

Frederiksborg – a stunning 17th century style castle Dutch Renaissance, located 30 km from Helsingør on picturesque islands.

Fredensborg Fredensborg

Fredensborg – an elegant 18th century palace in the style of Italian Baroque, located 15 km southwest of Helsingor.


Helsingør on a map of Denmark

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