Harmful insects in Thailand – from edible to the most dangerous!

Thailand’s moist tropical climate attracts not only tourists. This is truly a paradise for many insects, to the neighborhood with which the Thais have long been accustomed, and some of them are even eaten. But for farangvrednye insects in Thailand can become unpleasant a discovery which, at best, can raise a lot of squeal, at worst – to spoil all the long-awaited release due to the entry into the body of dangerous infections after bite. On the other dangers of Thailand, waiting for tourists at each step, read here.

Mosquitoes (mosquitoes)

Oddly enough, but the most dangerous insects Thailand is mosquitoes (otherwise, mosquitoes). All because that malaria is universally abused in Europe, but in Southeast Asia, it thrives. Fortunately, these bloodsuckers avoid scorching rays of the Thai sun, therefore appearing in the late afternoon after air temperature drops. However, in shady parks and near reservoirs they can attack around the clock.

Mosquitoes in Thailand

The rule of good taste in all Thai dwellings are mosquito nets, canopy over the beds. In every supermarket You can find a wide range of repellents, sprays, ointments, fumigators. Prefer local products as the most Tropical friendly. If you are allergic to them, then use at least balm “star”.


Ants in Thailand – a real scourge for sluts. Once you don’t remove the crumbs from the table once, how will your house occupied by their hordes. Even if you close all the products in refrigerator, not the fact that they will not start in badly closed banks with cereal or in a pack of half-eaten chips.

The worst thing is that they leave odorous marks that extremely difficult to destroy. Following these steps, uninvited guests will be come back again and again. Finding no food, they will continue to explore and crawl everywhere: in bed, wardrobes with linen. The most effective way the destruction of the entire colony of ants who settled in the apartment, this search and ruin their nest with the womb.

Ants in Thailand

Ants are hard to notice and they are actively protected, so the bites insects in Thailand for the most part belong to them. Bite place It should be smeared with alcohol infusion, and for allergies it is better to take antihistamines. Well, if it became bad, do not pull with visit to the doctor.

Buying crayons and dichlorvos may not give results in the fight against ants, so when renting housing in Thailand it is better to immediately arrange with the agent to conduct a local chemical war (pest control). However, after him, all home utensils are better. wash or dry clean. So as not to poison yourself.


Cockroaches in Thailand – it’s not that red small insect that occurs here. More all they look like fatty beetles nauseous species. Absolute pacifists by nature, they can fly. Prefer to appear by nights Like ants, food waste accumulates and water, just leave tags and carry out large-scale occupation. Respectability can be judged by their presence or absence. places. See cockroaches? Relocate or exhibit owners score. It is almost useless to water them with repellents – too big, they almost do not react to poisons, and they will come to the place of one killed three (finish the corpse). The most effective method of struggle is traps. how Oddly enough, edible insects in Thailand are just cockroaches. For gourmets, this exotic will fit Thai beer!

Cockroaches in Thailand


Perhaps this insect causes the greatest in tourists disgust. A sort of fat worm on a hundred articulated legs. They distributed throughout Thailand. During rainy seasons tend to climb into houses, crawling on walls, hiding in clothes or shoes. They do not specifically attack people, but they possess powerful weapon of defense: on each foot there is a thorn with a poisonous gland. Fortunately, most Thai flycatchers are not deadly dangerous. But after running on open skin can leave a chain. itchy points. For Thais, shaking off is common underwear, shirts or shoes before putting them on. Do not neglect by this rule.

NON-DEFINED COUNCIL! Evict ant colonies and Cockroaches can be a very fancy way. Create a home flycatcher! This nasty-looking insect will devour them one after to others. And the survivors will run away like rats from a sinking ship. The truth then have to get rid of herself.

Scolopendry in Thailand


Trivial flies are the most common insects in hotels. Thailand Struggling with them in the same ways as in Russia: dichlorvos, fly swathes, electric traps, adhesive tapes and slippers.

Flies in Thailand


The most unpleasant in communication caterpillars of Thailand – these are small insects with bright coloring of the skin, and covered with villi. This is their protective tool. They like warn of danger. Make it a rule not to touch anything, that has a bright color. Contact with open skin blisters filled with fluid appear on it (urticaria). They can itch a week, and look quite unattractive.

Caterpillars in Thailand


In rural houses of Thais on the walls is often found spider webs. Some of these gray cocoons are the nesting place of the flies, where they they lay eggs, from which small worms later hatch, and in end of the cycle – midges. There is no harm from them except aesthetic discomfort. The most effective method of struggle – a broom and a vacuum cleaner.

Midges in Thailand


The most poisonous insects of Thailand are scorpions. They are ordinary inhabitants of the jungle, gardens, can settle under stones and in the cracks of wooden structures. Prefer relatively dry places therefore, in the rainy season, they can climb into the houses. The warmer on the street, they move faster. At their core, they are predators, but man is not included in their food chain, so the scorpion bite – it is always the result of inattention and rotozeystva. Most dangerous Scorpions in Thailand are small. After all, a copy the size of a palm is easier to notice, and the poison in their thorn on the tail for some reason less.

Scorpions in Thailand


Thailand spiders are less poisonous than scorpions. But they are also predators, so their poison is effective against all living organisms. The reasons for the bites are the same – interference is their privacy and defense. Their results are: pain, local inflammation, muscle spasms. Deadly dangerous spiders in this country are not is found. We recommend to remember the appearance of the aggressor and refer to to the doctor. He will find an antidote, will help in the fight against allergies.

Spiders in Thailand


These parasitic bloodsuckers live in the same place as in Russia: in the forests, parks, preferring thick, shaded grass where moisture is stored. Ticks in Thailand can be carriers encephalitis and borreliosis. They purposefully seek contact with warm-blooded organisms and stick to absolutely painless. High shoes, pants, long sleeves, waist belt and tight buttoned collar is a completely effective measure to prevent them attack. After walking through the national parks, the jungle is better undress and shake out clothes. Inspect your body by reversing attention to the armpits, groin – wherever the skin is thinner, and sweat glands more. The sucked tick is removed along with head. It is better to do this in a medical institution.

Ticks in Thailand

Tarantula hawks

Tarantula hawk, belonging to the family of road wasps and has black orange wings. Considered the most big wasp (length up to 5.4 cm) and the most dangerous in the whole world. This insect “on board” has a rather formidable weapon – a huge poisonous sting, which she, unlike other wasps, can enjoy indefinitely! Her bite causes a person to be very painful sensations.

Road wasp in Thailand

You can meet with the road wasps, based on its name – on roads and trails, as well as near forests. There have been cases that this wasp stung passing bikers, thereby, provoked DTP. It is therefore recommended during travel. on a similar transport to wear thick clothes that cover all body.

If you stumbled upon a tarantula hawk, do not rush into panic. Just remember the precautions when meeting similar bees and wasps. Do not make sudden movements and quietly try to move away from her as far as possible.

Bitten? Urgently krachu!

The poison of insects often can not kill a person. But bring a lot of trouble – capable. One of them is allergic. reaction. It can develop rapidly (this is called anaphylactic shock) when a person falls into a comatose state. Only an ambulance crew can get out of it, and counting time is literally minutes. Another manifestation is swelling. Quincke develops gradually, but he, after all, can cause anaphylactic shock. Therefore, do not delay a visit to the doctor if there are the following signs:

  • Swelling and swelling at the site of the bite increase.
  • There is a weakness and the temperature rises.
  • Pulse quickens, but becomes subtle.
  • Blood pressure rises.

Tick ​​attacks do not always lead to encephalitis, After all, carriers of this disease are no more than 10 percent insects. If you have muscular weakness, increased fever, headache, nausea and vomiting, then Be sure to consult a doctor.

Video: tips on fighting insects in Southeast Asia

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