Guide “to lie on the bottom in Bruges”

Guidebook based on the cult film “To lie to the bottom in Bruges. “I will not tell the plot, who did not watch it – Be sure to look before you go to Bruges.

Frames from the filmFrame from the film

The route starts on the Markt market square. Sure to notice the Belfort tower, where one of the final scenes of the film. Next, I recommend to go to Yana Square van Eyck From the square of the picturesque canal embankment go to the city park. From the city park we turn to Old Town towards the Cathedral of Sint-Salvator. Admire the cathedral. Next we go to see the Church of Our Lady. From there – along the canal embankment we go almost to Minnewaterpark. Further – towards the cathedral of st. Mary Magdalene and Katharina in the Astridpark.

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