Florence Travel Guides

The most interesting guides and routes around Florence with description and interactive maps – in the footsteps of Michelangelo, Dan Brown, Donatello, Medici.

Guide to the footsteps of Michelangelo

Michelangelo was born in Tuscany in a small town near Arezzo. Despite the fact that he spent most of his life in Rome, the great sculptor and artist always considered himself a Florentine. Florence can rightfully be called the city of Michelangelo, in which many of his masterpieces are preserved.

Stops and masterpieces:

  • Chiesa di Santo Spirito – works of the young Michelangelo, the crucifix of wood
  • Bargello Museum – Pieta
  • Academy Gallery – David and Michelangelo’s other works (unfinished sculpture of Matthew, a group of sculptures made of marble, created for the tomb of Pope Julius II in Rome)
  • Uffizi – Painting by Doni Tondo
  • Palazzo Vecchio – Sculpture Genius of Victory
  • San Lorenzo – the sacristy in the Medici Chapel
  • Duomo Museum – Christ Sculpture

Florence travel guide for 3 days

The route is ideal for seeing and visit all the most interesting places and attractions Florence.

Day 1 Piazza della Signoria – Palazzo Vecchio – Piazza del Duomo and the Cathedral – Uffizi – Ponte Vecchio

Day 2 Piazza San Marco – Academy Museum – San Lorenzo – Medici Chapel – Santa Maria Novella

Day 3 Oltrarno – Palazzo Pitti and Gardens Boboli – Michelangelo Square

Florence Dan Brown

Florence Dan Brown – a guide to places related to book and film “Inferno”

Travel Guide “Florence Medici”

A guide that guides you through places that are associated with the most influential florentine family.

In the footsteps of Donatello

In Florence worked not only Michelangelo, but also another great sculptor Donatello.

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