Features of fishing in Thailand

Do you like to fish? Prefer to relax in Thailand? Can combine these two pleasures. Fishing in Thailand will be interesting to both amateurs and professionals. fishing. The country is washed by two seas: South China and Andaman, located in the waters of two oceans: Pacific and Indian Tourists can swim well and enjoy рыбалкой, вылавливая многочисленные виды морской рыбы.Fishermen's boat in Thailand

Рыбацкий баркас

For visitors to the country organize a group or individual fishing. A group of 5-15 people exported to Long Boat to Fish Places. The vessel itself is well equipped, providing the possibility of deep fishing or fishing on surface of the sea. Group Thai fishing costs cheaper individual. On it you can catch a large stingray squid, tuna and many other fish.

Thailand offers tourists a sporty view of fishing. Usually she arranged to catch the largest trophy copies fishes. On such a fishing trip to the superbly equipped and comfortable yachts. With fishermen leaves professional instructor who controls the whole process.

If desired, tourists can order a one-time fishing trip or arrange a whole tour that lasts a few days. Usually tours There are a duration of 3 days or more. The cost of such tours starts with 1500 dollars.

Different regions of Thailand have their own particularities of fishing, with which wishing such a holiday should be read.

Fishing in Thailand

Fishing in pattaya

This city is very popular with tourists who are fond of fish. catching A special fishing trip to Pattaya is sold directly to agencies on the streets of the city. East coast of the Gulf of Thailand will enable lucky fishermen to catch the predatory shark, barracuda, eel and other amazing species found on the island fishes.

Phuket fishing

An innumerable number of exotic fish that are found in Andaman Sea, constantly improving the process of fishing for tourists on this island. Many professional anglers come to Phuket from various countries in an attempt to test their fishing happiness and catch a marlin of large size or sailing fish. Night fishing is practiced here, allowing even some shark species to be caught in Thailand. Fishing The season on the island lasts from November to April. Have some fish fishing in Phuket can be ordered by the corresponding tour on the site sputnik8.com.

Fishing on samui

This island also did not go unnoticed by fishermen. Special fishing at Koh Tao and Koh Phangan, where there are exotic fish like pike carapace. You can catch a stingray or a sapper right in the parking of ships. The fishing season on Samui lasts from December to September.

Video fishing in Thailand, ways, tackle and bait

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