Crocodiles in Thailand – habitat, danger leather goods

Having been in Thailand, you will take away from there not only completely material things, but also that can pass any, even the most strict, customs: the baggage of your impressions about the fairyland, ancient and forever young Kingdom of Siam. Crocodiles in Thailand can become a kind of cherry on the cake just what you will never forget. Leather accessories crocodile in Thailand are sold freely and are not considered smuggled goods.

A few words about Thai crocodiles

Many tourists going on a trip to the peninsula Indochina, ask: “Are there crocodiles in Thailand? “We are in a hurry to assure you that these are some of the most The oldest reptiles on earth in the kingdom of Siam are as common as hedgehogs in central Russia. There are two of them. species: Indian, larger, and local, Siamese crocodile. Their habitat is marshy banks of rivers and lakes in the mainland.

Crocodiles in Thailand

From the dangerous and unpleasant neighborhood, local peasants at each river ford build a fence like a fence. And in the province of Pak Nam Pho, known for the endless Bung Boripet swamp, these reptiles are so feel good that local authorities have to massively shoot off as they pose a real threat to population.

Crocodiles in Thailand

In addition to wild animals in Thailand there are also intentionally bred on farms toothed reptiles (for example, crocodile farm in Pattaya). During the rainy season, when floods flood these “reservations” and destroy barriers, massive escapes of friends Cheburashki are not uncommon. Among the fugitives can occur and young small individuals dangerous to domestic animals, and adults three-meter giants, with which it is better for man not to meet.

Crocodiles in Thailand

Basically, you can meet a Thai crocodile even in the center of the resort area. Although the probability of such a danger is small. Therefore, the fact that Thailand is found crocodiles, not should be the reason to refuse to visit this country.

Thai multicolored crocodiles

You may be surprised by the Notai Crocodile can change skin color. If you see them early in the morning, when they return from the hunt and get out to bask on the shore, their skin is usually gray. As an option – brown or even the black. As the warming reptile becomes dirty green colors, and when she is hot – sand. You should remember this fact. because the “hot” Thai crocodiles are the most agile, and therefore dangerous.

Show crocodiles in Thailand

Crocodiles in Thailand are an integral part of the tourist business. Their skin is used to make various accessories and souvenirs, and those who have not yet reached the condition, take participation in various shows. The largest crocodile farm in Thailand, where up to 60 thousand individuals are kept, is located in the province Samut Prakan, which is part of the urban agglomeration of the Bolshoi Bangkok and located halfway to Pattaya.

Feeding crocodiles in Thailand

The most accessible to tourists entertainment – feeding crocodiles harvested farm owners chicken carcasses. And aborigines show the farang wonders of cunning and cunning, thrusting reptiles in the mouth of the hand and even the head. Actually show with crocodiles in Thailand is fun on the brink of a foul, since for millions of years of evolution, crocodiles have remained the same newcomers from the past – sworn friends of dinosaurs, not wishing to change and comprehend the basics of training (by the way, but do not want Do you know the harsh realities of elephant training in Thailand?).

Show with crocodiles in Thailand

To avoid the excesses in front of the amazed public, Thai crocodile tamers prefer to communicate with individuals already well fed and kept in cold water pools. With When these conditions are met, they become relatively safe, since their reaction to the surrounding reality is dramatically reduced.

Crocodile as a consumer product

An exotic crocodile show is not a staple. Reptiles these are bred mainly to obtain leather and manufacture of it. various accessories. Crafts, bags, belts made of leather crocodile in Thailand can be found in any shopping center.

Crocodile meat is an illustration of the proverb “neither fish nor fowl”, but in Thailand is very much appreciated and is considered a delicacy. It is offered in the most expensive and pretentious restaurants. BUT crocodile meat shashlik in thailanddepo democratic prices can be tried on farms.

Crocodile skewers in Thailand

Crocodile meat skewers

The skin of a crocodile in Thailand is pretty common commodity and good help for the aborigines replenish your budget. The hunt for these toothy reptiles is not the same simple and safe occupation, but the proceeds from it justify everything risks.

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