Cigarettes in Thailand – cost, import rules and fines

Good cigarettes in Thailand are expensive. Yes and By our standards, good Thai cigarettes are the level of Russian budget tobacco products. Therefore, smokers who are already had to go on vacation or wintering in Thailand, be sure they take with them to the block of cigarettes so that the local ones do not have to buy. You should not count on Duty Free, there are good cigarettes to buy You can, but give the purchase only at departure, not before.

Thai tobacco companiesin packs cigarettes which you can at the end of the article (not for weak-minded).

On average, the price of cigarettes in Thailand is everywhere the same as the place of production. Driven tobacco products from Malaysia. As for the price tag, the pack is so much quality cigarettes in supermarket chains “7-Eleven” is from 110 baht. There are options and 35-45 baht, but they so poor quality that even the locals rarely have them are smoking. By the way, cigars in the country are also, as a rule, counterfeit, because, and they should bring with them. Thais themselves, by the way, cigars try not to buy, knowing their dubious quality.

Rules for the importation of cigarettes in Thailand

Thailand customs rules allow duty-free entry no more than 200 cigarettes (or 1 block) for each adult entering, if more – a fine of up to 5,000 baht.

It should be remembered that if you are with your wife, friend, son-in-law … it doesn’t matter by whom, carry one block of cigarettes each, they must be in different bags, otherwise the customs officers decide that cigarettes Carry one person, and impose a fine of up to 10,000 baht!

So I did not have to try Thai cigarettes, You can negotiate in advance with non-smoking fellow travelers about that they will carry an extra few packs for you in their baggage, however, it is better to transfer them back to the owner away from eye of customs officers. If you catch this, you will be fined. 10,000 baht

Independently try to import excess cigarettes is not worth it. AT at best, you will be asked to get rid of excess load, at worst – pay a fine. Both options are not a good start. stay in the country. Better to do a little margin either agree to smoke local cigarettes.

Restrictions on smoking in Thailand

For over ten years, smoking in Thailand has been active. prohibit. For smokers are constantly being developed all sorts restrictions and rules. So, for smokers are special zones, and for walking down the street with a cigarette in his mouth can be fined up to 2500 baht. However, practice shows that Thais do not hurry to disappoint tourists in their hospitality and write out fines only to clear offenders who smoke in places not intended for this (shops, schools, hotel rooms and halls). Do not ask for an ashtray in restaurants closed type, you will be asked to go outside to smoke.

Thai cigarettes Thai cigarettes

Many wonder if you can smoke in Thailand hotels In the majority, alas, no. There are hotels in the territory separate smoking areas, and in the rooms and on the balconies for smoking relies fine. Only tourists often violate this rule, smoke on the balconies and even in the rooms, but the Thais try to treat with understanding and rarely resort to punishment. Special loyal to heavy smokers in hotels of average price category, it even happens that in such smoking areas trite does not appear.


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