Chip flights

In this article we will share on which sites you can purchase cheap airline tickets.

Here are 4 favorites:


Almost all of these sites can see the price table for a certain period (for example, by month), which is certainly convenient. And thus, you can choose the best dates for travel great price!

Buying Tips:

  • When you find the cheapest tickets on one of the sites, it’s not hurry to get them right away, see which airline carries out this flight and go to their official website.

It so happens that directly buy more profitable!

  • It is better to buy tickets at night, after 12.00 and on weekdays. days
  • The price has changed dramatically, without panic! On some sites than the more often you view the price of a certain flight – the more price starts to grow. For example, on Aviasales after 4-5 views – price starts to rise! Or when you need to buy immediately a few tickets, then you buy the first two at the original price, but Here are the next tickets for another, due to the fact that tickets for the old price is already sort of not. But it is not. Secret simple: if you watched the tickets with the app, then just go to site through the browser. Or simply log in through another device, for example from a laptop and voila, the price will be original!

Have a nice trip!

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