Castle Lipnice nad Sazavou

Lipnice nad Sazavou Castle – detailed description with photo, mode work, the location of the castle Lipnice on the map.

Castle Lipnice nad Sazavou (Czech Republic)

Lipnice nad Sazavou – one of the largest noble castles Bohemia, founded in the 14th century. Stone Guardian of the Sazava River Valley will present unique medieval architecture and beautiful views neighborhoods. Currently, the castle Lipnice nad Sazavou opened for visiting. Here you can look at the archaeological and historical expositions, old gothic cellars and a chapel.

In the structure of the castle there are two residential palaces and monumental towers – a large defensive and residential. Old gothic chapel is one of the main attractions of the castle. She was built in the first quarter of the 14th century.

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Location on the map

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