Castle Horshovski Týn

Castle Horshovski Týn – a detailed description of the photo, mode of operation, location of the castle Horšovský Týn on the map.

Castle Horsovský Týn (Czech Republic)

Horšovský Týn – Renaissance and Renaissance Castle in Czech Republic, which almost did not change its appearance since the 16th century. Castle located in Western Bohemia in the picturesque valley of a small river. Horsovski Týn has been known since the 13th century.

This once mighty medieval fortress of bishops in 16 century was almost destroyed by a strong fire. On the ruins The fortress grew a beautiful renaissance castle owned influential family Lobkowicz. After their participation in the uprising against Habsburg authorities castle was confiscated and transferred to the genus Trauttmansdorff.

Operation mode

November, December, January – closed (except for Christmas holidays).

The rest of the time from Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 to 16.00. In the summer from 9.00 to 17.00

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Horshovski Týn on the map

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