Cafes and restaurants in Vienna

The unique style of restaurants and cafes in Vienna

Most of the cafes and restaurants of Vienna attract tourists not only its exquisite cuisine, but also beautiful, intriguing architecture. Above the styling and design of many of the most popular places. Vienna worked famous architects. For example, here for the glory bothered by Jean Philippe Vassal, Adolph Loos, Anne Lokaton, Terence Conran. And if the tourists passing by these institutions, not there is a desire to eat or drink a cup of Viennese coffee, then they will certainly go inside to just see the unique style and design of the famous cafes and restaurants of Vienna. Their amazing architectural solutions and design continue architectural traditions a majestic city.

The best restaurants and world-famous cafes of Vienna were created in various styles. Here you can meet places in the style modernism, classicism, minimalism, as well as in other architectural solutions.

Panorama of ViennaPanorama of Vienna

Vienna – the eternal feast for gourmets

Beautiful Vienna attracts a large number of not only ordinary tourists, but also true connoisseurs of delicious dishes and gourmet the kitchen. While staying in the capital of Austria, tourists can enjoy not only majestic architecture, historical monuments and beautiful parks. Her kitchen will not leave anyone indifferent either. Therefore, every traveler gives himself a word that will return to majestic Vienna to see this beauty again. He certainly wants to enjoy those indescribable feelings which are not available in other cities and countries.

Cuisine in the capital of Austria is considered one of the best in Europe. This is all due to the fact that the Austrian national cuisine not lost its originality and originality. And this attracts here are many tourists.

The best cafes and restaurants in Vienna

Among the best restaurants in Vienna, Corbaci stands out. it the institution is located in the Museum Quarter, that is, in the very center capital Cities. The famous French worked on its design. architects. The restaurant Corbaci dominates the style of minimalism. Skillfully created mosaic floor, sponsored by Turkish artist, originally contrasts and at the same time complements the overall style of the restaurant. In Corbaci you can try world-famous Viennese apple strudel. Right here you can know its true taste and get indescribable enjoyment

Corbaci RestaurantCorbaci Restaurant

Address: Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien. Opening hours from 11.00 to 24.00

The best restaurant in Vienna is Osterreicher im MAK, which is located in the Vienna Museum of Applied Arts. Besides that here you can see amazing architecture and unique the design of the institution, here you can taste the delicious dishes of the famous Viennese cuisine. Local chefs are not afraid to experiment. Feeding classic Viennese schnitzel, they can also offer smoked chicken breast with duck liver parfait. Culinary masterpieces of the Osterreicher im MAK restaurant are created by the famous chef Austrian capital – Helmut Osterreicher. This is one of the most fashionable. places of the capital of Austria.

Restaurant Osterreicher im MAKRestaurant Osterreicher im MAK

Address: Stubenring 5, 1010 Wien

Among the cafes and restaurants of Vienna is very popular Loos american bar . It was built over a hundred years ago thanks to architect Adolf Loos, who was a pioneer of modernism. how clear from the title, the Loos American bar is made in American style. And although it does not occupy a large area, the bar is not subject to influence of time.

Loos American BarLoos American Bar

Address: Kärntner Durchgang, 1010 Wien

While in Vienna, be sure to visit enough famous and legendary cafe Drechsler. It is decorated by the master modern design from the UK by Terence Conran. Drechsler cafe visitors will appreciate the beautiful the kitchen of Vienna.

The legendary cafe DrechslerLegendary Cafe Drechsler

Address: Linke Wienzeile 22, 1060 Wien

The institution called Unger und Klein includes no only a bar, but also a wine shop. It has a long shelf, Having an unusual smooth shape with a large assortment of wines. Whole bar design indicates the importance of wine in this institution. In the wine bar Unger und Klein you can observe the connection aesthetic pleasure and culinary excellence.

Cafe Unger und KleinCafe Unger und Klein

Address: Gölsdorfgasse 2, 1010 Wien

Many gourmets, Vienna is associated with a cup of fragrant Viennese coffee, apple Viennese strudel and chocolate cake Sacher. However, the capital of Austria is ready to surprise its guests. varied tastes and unusual culinary experiments. She is ready to impress their taste buds unusually tasty dishes.

A cup of Viennese coffeeViennese coffee cup

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