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Black Forest (Germany) – detailed information on the Black Forest with photo and description.

Black Forest (Germany)

Black Forest (“Black Forest”) – mountain and forest massif, located in southwest germany in federal state Baden-Wuertenburg. A huge part is occupied by the national park. The Black Forest occupies 11,000 square kilometers. 2/3 leave low mountains covered mainly coniferous and beech forests. Black Forest extends from the Rhine Valley in the west to the headwaters Neckar in the east. In the north, the massif is bounded by Karlsruhe, and in the south border with Switzerland. In the mountains of the Black Forest takes its origin alone of the largest rivers in Europe – the Danube. The highest point is Mount Feldberg (1493 m).


In ancient times, the Romans called the Black Forest border by the forest. Here was the border between the Roman Empire and the Germans. In the early Middle Ages, these lands were conquered by the Swedes. AT The Middle Ages in the southern Black Forest was intensely mining lead and silver. In the 16th century, during the Reformation and numerous peasant uprisings Black Forest almost depopulated. New the round of its economic use happened in the 17th century. AT Currently, most of the Black Forest is a natural Park, where economic activity is prohibited person

Autumn in the Black Forest Autumn in Black forest

Culturally, this region is quite distinctive: local architecture, traditional costumes and cuisine. Black Forest is famous with its cuckoo clock, cherry cake and the same name ham.

Wild Black Forest Lakes Wild lakes Black forest


The nature and wildlife of the Black Forest is unique. Here the woods froze in its almost pristine state. In the forests prevails spruce, which is why the forest is called black. In the Black Forest you can look at the waterfalls and gorges, lakes and meadows, breathtaking panoramas of mountains and forests. Black Forest – one of the last surviving natural massifs in Germany. Wild boars are found here rare three-toed woodpecker, peregrine falcon, lynx, pygmy owl and many other animals.

The central and northern Black Forest is a steep slopes, dense forests and valleys, where closer to the Rhine valley on the slopes grow vineyards. Climate can vary from warm, almost Mediterranean to almost Scandinavian in the mountains. Winters in the mountains pretty snowy. In cold weather often envelops the surroundings fog.

Fog in the Black Forest Fog in Black forest

The Southern Black Forest – a unique combination of nature, culture and traditions. Wild forests side by side with farms and vineyards. The Southern Black Forest Nature Park is the largest in Germany. Also here is the highest point of the mountain range.

Interesting routes to the Black Forest, see the section guides and maps.

Winter Black Forest

In winter, a lot of snow falls in the mountains of the Black Forest. Winter forest becomes charmingly fabulous. And over 50 mountain peaks and slopes invite lovers of winter sports.

Winter Forest in the Black Forest Winter forest (Black Forest)

In the Black Forest there are about 140 lifts, 250 km equipped ski runs, 12 jumps and all the necessary infrastructure for skiers and snowboarders. You can choose the slopes for skiing on Black Forest official travel site –

Most trails are located within the cities of Freiburg and Baden Baden.

Very beautiful in the villages and towns of the Black Forest in Christmas season. Romantic Christmas markets are invited to buy gifts or taste something delicious, and decorated houses and streets create an atmosphere of a real holiday.


The Black Forest is considered one of the best regions for gastronomic tourism. Nowhere in Germany you will not find so much cooking masters like here. The most famous local products are wines, cherry pie and ham, beer, mineral water. Local cuisine is a mixture of Swabian, Alsatian and Baden dishes.

The slopes of the Black Forest are the third largest winemaking region of Germany. The wine here is of excellent quality, although not quite cheap.

Village in the Black Forest Village in Black forest

Black Forest Cities

The largest cities of the Black Forest are Karlsruhe and Freiburg im Breisgau. Widely known for resort mineral water. city ​​of Baden-Baden. In addition, there are many small charming old towns:

  • Bad Säckingen is a resort town, one of the most beautiful in the South. Germany.
  • Breisach am Rhein is a charming town in the Upper Rhine.
  • Donauschingen – royal residence at the head of the Danube.
  • Emmendingen with a beautiful old town.
  • Freudenstadt and Offenburg.

But the authentic atmosphere of the Black Forest can be felt in small villages on the mountain slopes, where a coniferous forest rises almost to housing, the air is filled with intoxicating freshness, graze on green meadows sheep and cows, and in the morning everything is covered in thick fog. Book a room in the Black Forest hotels – you definitely won’t disappointed.


Maps and guides

Map of winter sports trails Black Forest Route Lotharpfad Black Forest Route Wildnispfad Map Brochure Spirituell National Park

Black Forest on the map of Germany

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