Bialystok (Poland) – all about the city, the main attractions Bialystok with photos and descriptions, the most interesting tourist routes on the map.

City Bialystok (Poland)

Bialystok is a city in northeastern Poland, located on the banks of the river Supraльl. It is the largest city of this part of the country with population of almost 300 thousand people.

Bialystok is often called the lungs of Poland, due to its location among beautiful forests and lakes. And really, thanks to its location in clean and beautiful natural area, the city is excellent suitable for nature lovers and hiking.

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The first mention of the city dates back to the first half of the 15th century. The land where Bialystok is located then belonged to the Mazovian princes and the Teutonic Order.

A century later, the city passed into the possession of the Veselovsky family, who built the castle and the first church here. And after a century (after the death of the last member of the Veselovsky family) lands passed under the authority of the king of Poland until finally they moved to family Branicki. The name of this family is connected further flourishing and development of Bialystok. Branicki built a beautiful here Palace, invited artists, sculptors and scientists.

Historical center of Bialystok Historical center of Bialystok

At the end of the 18th century, the city was redeemed from the Branitsky descendants and entered in the composition of Prussia. But after a few decades passed Bonaparte of Russia. The city becomes the center of textile industry is growing rapidly and evolving.

In 1920, Bialystok was returned to Poland. As part of Poland the city did not last long. In 1939, Germany transferred Belostok to the USSR. But in 1941, German troops again occupied the city. Bialystok liberated the Red Army in 1944. In the same year the city again handed over to Poland.

Now Bialystok is the administrative center of the Podlaskie Voivodeship and the largest city in the region. There are many Belarusians living here, Russians, Ukrainians, a large Gypsy community. Also Bialystok – one from the centers of the Polish Orthodox Church.

Fountain on the Market Square Fountain in the Market square

Shopping and Shopping in Bialystok

For shopping lovers, Bialystok provides wide opportunities. In the city and the surrounding area there are large commercial centers and outlets. Here are some of them:

  • Galeria Alfa, Świętojańska 15, 15-277 Białystok
  • Outlet Białystok, Władysława Wysockiego 67, 15-168 Białystok
  • Atrium Biała, Czesława Miłosza 2, 15-265 Białystok
  • Galeria M, 1000-lecia Państwa Polskiego 8B, 15-111 Białystok
  • Galeria Zielone Wzgórza, Wrocławska 20, 15-644 Białystok
  • CH Panorama, Legionowa 9, 15-281 Białystok

Maps of Bialystok with interesting routes

The most interesting tourist routes of Bialystok on the map

Branicki Route

Take the route of the legendary nobles who owned Bialystok over several centuries and was largely determined architecture of the city and its development.

The main attractions of the route:

  • Branicki Palace, Jana kilińskiego 1, 15-087 Białystok
  • Guest Palace (Pałacyk Gościnny), Jana Kilińskiego 6, 15-087 Białystok, Polska
  • Farny Catholic Church, Kościelna 2, 15-087 Białystok, Polska
  • Market Kosciuszko (there you can see the monastery, Town Hall), Rynek kociuszki 5, 15-091 Białystok

Branicki Route - Map Route Branitsky – map

The route of the wooden houses

The remains of the wooden architecture of Bialystok 19 – the beginning of 20 centuries. The wooden houses were mostly single-storey, with attic covered with a gable roof and ceramic tiling

Old wooden houses Antique wooden houses

  • Stary Rynek, 15-001 Białystok
  • Słonimska, Białystok
  • Wiktorii, Białystok
  • Młynowa, Białystok
  • Koszykowa, Białystok
  • Iwiętojańska 17, 15-277 Białystok

Route of wooden houses - a map Route wooden houses – map

Route through the historic center

The route through the historical center of Bialystok will take 30-40 minutes and includes almost all of its most important attractions: an impressive cathedral of farny, the main cathedral of the city, dedicated to St. Nikolay and others

  • Rynek Kościuszki
  • Jana Kilińskiego
  • Warszawska
  • Piękna 3, 15-282 Białystok
  • Rynek Sienny, 15-288 Białystok

Route through the historic center - map Route by historical center – map

Route on religious buildings

Along the way of this route you will explore interesting religious buildings of the city.

  • Księdza Arcybiskupa Romualda Jałbrzykowskiego 5, 15-753 Białystok
  • Władysława Sikorskiego 9, 15-667 Białystok
  • Antoniuk Fabryczny 13, 15-762 Białystok
  • Michała Sopoćki 1, 15-114 Białystok
  • Warszawska 46A, 15-077 Białystok
  • Trawiasta 5, 15-161 Białystok

The route of religious buildings Route by religious buildings

The main attractions of Bialystok

And now let’s go through the most important sights. Bialystok.

Market Kosciuszko Market Kosciuszko

Kosciuszko Market – the old market square in the historic the center of Bialystok with beautiful architecture. Especially in architecture the square stands the town hall, built in the middle of 18 century in the late baroque style. Interesting that the town hall never was not the seat of the city authorities. The building carried out trade functions – there were shops. And the Town Hall Tower was used. firefighters who watched the city. Here now there is a museum.

Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Cathedral of the Assumption Blessed Virgin Mary

In the eastern part of the market square is located one of the main Attractions Bialystok – Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s This is one of the oldest buildings in the city, built in the very early 17th century. Interestingly, the building of the church represents two interconnected church buildings: the old (beginning XVII century) and the new (early XX century). The cathedral is the main temple Bialystok. The church is currently a massive neo-gothic building. The last significant restoration was carried out by the project of Jozef Pius Djekonsky in the early 20th century.

Branicki Palace Palace Branicki

One of the most famous sights of the city – Branicki Palace, named “Versailles of Podlasie”, “Versailles of the North”, as well as the Polish Versailles. This is an ancient palace, one of the most well-preserved tribal courtyards of the 17th century on the lands former speech of the Commonwealth in the late Baroque style with a beautiful park and beautiful landscape design. The origins of the palace date back to XVI century. A brick castle in the Gothic and Renaissance style was built by the project of the royal architect Bretfusa, the architect of the Lower Castle in Vilnius, the expansion of the Old Castle in Kamenetz-Podolsk.

Cathedral of St. Nicholas – Cathedral of the Polish Orthodox Church. This is the largest of the Orthodox churches. cities. The construction of the cathedral dates back to the mid 19th century. Building The cathedral was built in the classical style in the shape of a Greek cross, typical of the church architecture of the Russian Empire. Cathedral located in the city center and is a monument of history and culture.


Bialystok on the map of Poland

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