Beroun, Czech Republic – detailed information about the city. Guide to Berounu: popular attractions with photos and descriptions


Beroun is a small old town in the Czech Republic, which located 30 km south-west of Prague. Beroun is located in Central Bohemian Region at the confluence of the rivers Berounka and Litavka. City sprawled in a picturesque hilly area on the border of protected natural areas, surrounded by castles and other significant monuments of history and culture, which makes it popular tourist route.

The name of the city comes from the German name of the Italian Verona (Bern, Beronia).

Center Beroun Center Beroun

The history of the city began in the 13th century in an era of turbulent town planning in the Czech kingdom. Beroun thanks to his strategic location at the junction of Prague and Plzen, even with since the Middle Ages, has become an important crossroads, a place of trade and production. However, a little later, the development of the city stopped and it was almost abandoned until it was rebuilt by Vaclav II.

Panorama Berouna Panorama of Beroun

In the 14th century, Beroun received city fortifications and two massive gateway Further, the history of the city also proceeded with ups and falls. After the Thirty Years War, the importance of the city fell dramatically, in the 18th century increased again. But, really, the turning points were the sixties of the 19th century, when in the vicinity of Beroun began limestone mining and began to develop gradually, other industries industry. Thanks to the railway Prague-Plzen development the city has also accelerated.

How to get to Beroun?

Beroun is located just 45 km from Prague. You can easily come here get on the bus. You can see the schedule and buy tickets here -http: //

Beroun Attractions

Despite its small size, Beroun has many attractions, historical and cultural monuments, interesting architecture. Of particular interest is the historic city center. – built in the 13-14 century, preserved the remains of the fortress walls in early gothic, city gates and some ancient building.

Plze (upper) gate

Gothic gate in the western part of the main square of Beroun, built in the 14th century. From the observation deck overlooking city ​​and surroundings. Also here is a museum.

Pilsen (upper) gate Pilsen (upper) gate

Prague gates

Gothic gate built in the 14th century. The gate was part of medieval fortifications of the city. Now located here showroom.

Prague (lower) gate Prague (lower) goal

Church of sv. Jacob the Big

Founded with the city at the end of the 13th century. Burned out at the end of 16 century. It was restored in the second half of the 17th century.

Church of St. James the Great Church of sv. Jacob Large

Town hall

The town hall in Beroun probably originated at the beginning of the 15th century. On throughout its history, it was constantly rebuilt until at the beginning The 20th century did not find its current, pseudo-baroque style.

Town Hall Town hall

Lookout tower on Grandfather Mountain

Stone 12 meter observation tower on the mountain Dedov in Beroun, built in 1893. At the foot of the mountain is located the Medvedarium with three cute bears.

Observation tower on Ded's mountain Observation tower on grief grandfather

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