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City of Bari (Italy)

Bari is a seaside town in southern Italy, the center of the same name provinces. It is one of the most important cities in the region, along with Naples, a major tourist and economic center, maritime port. Bari, like many Italian cities, has a rich, long history, so there are many old sights, monuments of architecture. The port of the city is the largest passenger port of the Adriatic Sea.

The city of Bari is located on the Adriatic coast between the cities of Giovinazzo are in the north and Mola di Bari is in the south in the center. big plain. Although some slopes reach 131 meters above sea ​​level.

Bari from the height Bari from above bird’s eye

The climate is Mediterranean, with mild winters and hot, dry summer.

Bari is very famous in a religious environment – here relics rest St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, which made him one of the centers Orthodox Church in Europe.

Quay Bari Bari Quay


The history of the city begins more than two thousand years ago, when The Romans founded a fishing village here. Although these places were settled much earlier in the days of ancient Greece. Already at that time Trajanov’s road was laid here, which gave rise to growth and development of the city. In the 9th century, Bari came under power for a short time. the Saracens, who founded the Bari Emirate here and laid here fortress. Later the city belonged to the Byzantine Empire and to the normans

Evening on the coast - Bari Evening on the coast – Bari

In the 12th century, Bari was part of the Holy Roman Empire, and in 14 and 15 centuries the city was ruled by a ducal dynasty. At this time the city fell into decay and lost its former value. Duchy is back first in the Neapolitan kingdom, then in Italy when it is combined.

Streets of Bari Streets of Bari

Kitchen and food

Bari cuisine is extremely diverse: pizza, seafood, cheeses, meat and more. With food there will be no problems. In the town There are a huge number of restaurants, trattorias, pizzerias, points of fast foods.

Regional dishes:

  • Patate riso e cozze – rice, potatoes with seafood
  • Fave e cicorie – beans with chicory
  • Brasciole (o braciole) – meat rolls from horse meat or beef
  • Cozze ripiene – stuffed mussels
  • Pasta e cavoli – pasta with vegetables
  • Agnello con piselli – lamb with peas or beans

Sights of Bari

Cathedral of San Sabino Cathedral San sabino

Cathedral of San Sabino (Cattedrale di San Sabino) – Cathedral, built between the XII and XIII centuries in the Romanesque style.

Norman-Swabian fortress in Bari Norman-Swabian fortress in bari

Norman-Swabian fortress in Bari, built in the first half of the 12th century. The mighty and majestic castle consists of two parts: first – Byzantine-Norman origin in trapezoid shape with two towers; the second – unifying all bastions. The castle can be accessed from the south side of the bridge. across the moat In the western part of the castle there is a carved gothic portal. AT The northern part of the castle is an art gallery.

Basilica of St. Nicholas Holy Basilica Nikolay

Basilica di San Nicola – catholic basilica built at the beginning of the 12th century for storage relics of sv. Nicholas the Wonderworker, one of the most revered Orthodox saints. The basilica is decorated with sculptural decoration, part which (reliefs, capitals, eaves) were borrowed from more ancient Byzantine buildings. Around the year 1130 the throne was created. and ciborium (decorated with capitals and angels), in the middle of the XII century the episcopal throne appeared, carved out of a single piece marble.

Bari on the map

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