Are there sharks in Thailand and how to avoid them attacks?

Sharks – the generalized name of the superorder of cartilaginous fish with similar structure: elongated torpedo-shaped body, powerful tail, dorsal and pectoral fins, as well as equipped with rows of sharp teeth fall In total, there are 450 species, of which only three they are not predators, but plantation feeders. They inhabit all tiers of the water column – from the surface to the depth in 2000 meters. The logic of their behavior, though simple, is a hunt for everything moving and appropriate in size, but often inexplicable and unpredictable. There are sections of the coast, for example, along the Great Barrier Reef in Australia where they attack people regularly. Therefore, the waters of the beaches there have a special grid fence. Sharks in Thailand washed by the waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, there is. These are their usual inhabitants. Therefore, the question tourists on whether to fear them, it is quite natural.

The answer is simple and complex at the same time. Indeed in The waters of Thailand are predatory fish, dangerous for humans. But shark attacks in thailand people who have never registered (by at least we did not hear). For all the time from the beginning of the tourist boom, and for more than thirty years, this has not happened. Neither just facts of the attack, much less deaths. Only place where tourists can see these legendary predators – oceanariums (for example, the aquarium in Bangkok) and boat trips (diving).

Sharks in Thailand

What sharks are found in the waters of Thailand?

The distribution area of ​​a particular shark species in Thailand is clearly depends on their size and food preferences. In relatively shallow and closed from the influence of the ocean of Siam Gulf, which is Pattaya beaches, Hua Hin beaches, beaches Koh Samui, as well as the beaches of Koh Phangan, are found: gray, leopard, various types of reef sharks, black, tiger. Their aggressiveness is regarded as average because their main food is fish juveniles. But abuse their tolerance it does not follow. If you have open bleeding wounds, then it is not worth trying your luck.

To the beaches of Phuket and the beaches in Krabi, located on the coast The Andaman Sea, and deep ocean, oceanic species whose food is large fish like tuna or marine animals – dolphins, seals. These include: raspiarennaya in horror films great white shark, as well as no less dangerous blue, long-tail, mako, hammerhead shark and others. Appearance of them on shallow water is always random, usually these predators aspire to faster to leave it.

Sharks in Thailand

Sharks in Thailand are found everywhere, but the likelihood meeting with them is not very great. Especially in the Gulf of Thailand, survived an environmental disaster during the Vietnam War 1965-74, after which the population of all the inhabitants of the sea just starting to recover. In addition, these carnivorous fish are shy enough and know exactly what are subject to trade with local residents. Therefore always seek to avoid meeting a person if he is not alone, and small vessels. On the busy sea route connecting Pattaya with Koh Lan island, where dozens of boats pass in one hour, they practically not found.

How to avoid becoming a victim of an attack?

From the question: “Are there any sharks in To Thailand? “, The second follows logically: how to behave, not to become a victim of an attack?

Most importantly – be careful! Come to the beach, pay attention to whether its water area is fenced off with a metal grid. Swim for such facilities – more expensive. But the plates There may be no warning sharks. Hotel owners afraid to scare their potential customers.

Always remember that a shark’s drop of blood can be smelled by a few kilometers away Therefore, if you have bleeding skin damage, give up bathing altogether. Exists chances are that for the piece of bread you want lure coral fish, swim and predator. But, with the greatest Likely, sharks attract slaps on water. She thinks that the injured animal behaves, which, in consequence, turns out to be her potential victim. This is a natural instinct, used by locals to catch them. Just slap on water, they are not hands and feet, and special gear.

Sharks in Thailand

Oceanic sharks in Thailand are a danger to divers who are usually at depth alone or small group. A relatively successful way to protect is The principle of “do not twitch” and is in the water column. Smooth motion I do not testify about the panic, so this predatory fish can and Do not treat the swimmer as a victim.

Snorkeling lovers are most at risk. Swimming on the surface of the water is usually always accompanied by slaps and spray For sharks the best bait is not found.

Any bright spot that moves quickly in the water, for sure interested predator. Therefore it is better, if not only a wetsuit, but and the usual swimsuit will be solid and not too bright. No less attractive shiny details. For example, a watch with a depth gauge, knives or details of the finishing boxes of cameras.

Give up the romantic night swims on the coast. This is the time when sharks in Thailand go hunting. Besides you you may overlook other dangerous inhabitants of the sea: jellyfish, marine hedgehogs, fish stone and others.

For more information, we recommend to read the article. “Types of hazards in Thailand”.

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