Acclimatization or how to get used to Thai climate

Despite all the charm of Thailand, the local climate is far from sugar. Due to the high humidity the air temperature + 30 ° can perceived as + 35 ° ㅡ + 40 °. To this is added the called flight (how much fly to Thailand?) internal clock failure, stress and fatigue from pressing about transport – baggage, accommodation, food. Voila, – forces and interest in the surroundings leave us, a piece does not crawl into the throat, and if especially “lucky” – then hello, friends – herpes, fungus and conjunctivitis.

Many people joke: “To make the climate change felt for you so abruptly, go to Thailand by bike. ”

All of the above is not very pleasant, but quite natural. manifestations of acclimatization in Thailand. Someone they leave, it costs him a good sleep, and someone for “setting “local wave” will take a week or two. Thinner and externally invisible processes of acclimatization of an organism can stretch for years.

How to get used to the Thai climate quickly?

  1. Reception of a vitamin-mineral complex, begun in 2 weeks before departure, can significantly smooth out all the consequences acclimatization. Especially together with extracts of adaptogen plants: ginseng, rhodiola, eleutherococcus. As the name implies class – these plants are rich in biologically active substances, which accelerate the adaptation. In this regard, the opposite properties in alcoholic beverages.
  2. Immediately upon arrival at the hotel (the article on “How to cheat in hotels in Thailand “) refrain from turning on the air conditioner to the full power. The softer the temperature drops, the more Your condition will be stable. For the same reason, do not pounce on drinks with ice.
  3. Even at home, you need to cure chronic diseases, patients teeth (if you can go to thai dentists), etc D. Acclimatization in Thailand is accompanied by a decrease in protective forces. of the organism, so the risk of exacerbation of all these troubles arrival in new conditions is very high.
  4. A few days before the flight to Thailand, as well as immediately after arrival, it is not recommended to drink alcohol, as it is only increases the symptoms of acclimatization.
  5. Immediately after arriving in Tai, it is recommended to run into the local pharmacy (read more about pharmacies in Pattaya) and take a vitamin drink for faster acclimatization.

I hope my advice will help you survive the unpleasant moments. getting used to the Thai climate! I also recommend reading the article “How Do not get burnt on holiday in Thailand. ”

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