6 simple tips on how to make beautiful photos on smartphone

1 tip – Follow the composition of objects in the frame (composition)

The choice of composition is one of the main conditions for obtaining really cool picture on your smartphone. Here are some important features:

  • Use the “rule of thirds” which will significantly improve the composition and highlight the main semantic object in the photo. Set the grid on the smartphone camera in the settings, which will help in the lineup frame. The main objects of the photo should be located on crossing lines.
  • Play with reflections and symmetry. Symmetry introduces aesthetically pleasing balance and proportions in the photo. With correct use, it will help you take your pictures outstanding. Reflection will give an interesting effect and “depth” photo.
  • For cool portraits, shoot at eye level. person
  • Watch the horizon. The heaped up horizon can be corrected in editor, but it’s best to learn to feel and see it right line immediately when shooting.
  • The photo should contain the main semantic object, which should be the focus. For example, not just a photo of the sea, and adding some object to the frame: boat, rock, etc.
  • In the composition of the frame, use natural lines – roads, outlines of the shore, river, etc.
  • For an interesting composition, look for unusual angles. For example, try to sit down to get an unusual angle

Rule of thirdsRule of thirds

2 – Create a perspective

The perspective will give the “flat” image depth and volume Here are a few rules for its construction:

  • Use light to highlight an object.
  • Combine different scales. For example, to show high Mountain peak “put” next to a man.
  • Make the image complex with a clear division into the front, middle and background
  • Use natural lines. For example, the road goes into the distance.


3 – Choose a golden hour for a photo

The Golden Hour is a time with perfect natural light. (usually an hour after dawn and an hour before sunset). Considered one of The most important rules in photography for getting the coolest photos. For Taking pictures on a smartphone is also important.

In popular places, an hour before sunset will not be the best time. because of the large number of people who can spoil your composition. Therefore, in such places the coolest photos can be get only in the early morning.

4 – Keep the lens clean

Like any optics, the camera of the smartphone needs care. Before taking pictures you need to wipe it off, removing dust and pollution.

Focus ExampleExample focus

5 – Maximum fix the smartphone

Avoiding blur and improve photo clarity will help hold smartphone in the most stable and stationary position (take the gadget with two hands or use a tripod). Not take pictures on the go. Stop and only then do snapshot.

6 – Post-processing

To get really cool photos you need to use post-processing. Also processing in a graphical editor to allow eliminate some photo defects.

The coolest mobile photo processing apps (iOS and Android):

  • Adobe Lightroom CC
  • Snapseed
  • Facetune
  • VSCO

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