Yellowstone National Park national park)

Yellowstone National Park Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park, attracting tourists magical beauty increasingly mention the latest news on channels around the world. On the camera, he fascinates and creates the illusion unreality, and in life causes a lot of controversy in the scientific community With regards to the likelihood of a volcanic eruption.


  1. Where is the Yellowstone Volcano?
  2. Yellowstone Caldera. Possible eruption of Yellowstone volcano
    1. When will Yellowstone volcano explode?
  3. Animals and plants
  4. The cost of entering the park
    1. What hotels to stay in?
  5. What you need to know before visiting the national park?
  6. What to see in Yellowstone Park?

Not so long ago we visited Yellowstone and withdrew their issue from this park. We offer to get a portion of visual enjoyment, before plunging into the details! Subscribe to the channel if you will like, support our beginnings. ?

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Where is the Yellowstone Volcano?

The reserve has occupied vast territories exceeding 860 000 hectares in the states of Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. Yellowstone map (translation of the name from English sounds like a “yellow stone”) find next to the Rocky Mountains.

About 640 thousand years ago in the current US territory in a yellowstone volcanic eruption caused a caldera giant size. Gradually, a plateau appeared on this site, shrouded in steam, where geysers, hot springs and mud fountains.

Among the North American Indians have long been legendary “a country of smoke and water,” and in the second half of the nineteenth century this mysterious land began to send scientific expeditions. The result research was the founding of the first US national park in 1872 year In the late seventies, it was added to the UNESCO heritage list.

Yellowstone Caldera. Possible eruption of Yellowstone volcano

Recent earthquakes have provoked a situation in which supervolcano began to wake up, and today all the news is full information about the threat of a global catastrophe. Worry there is about what, because the scale of it really hit.

Caldera Yellowstone Volcano – 55 km wide and 72 km length If an eruption occurs, scientists predict an offensive “volcanic winter”, the disappearance of parts of North America in the ocean depths and the devastating tsunamis that will cover Europe and Japan “Passions” are heated through TV screens. In 2009 year by director Roland Emmerich was shot a disaster movie “2012”, where the plot of the end of the world, predicted by the Mayan tribe, came as a consequence of the eruption of the Yellowstone volcano.

When will Yellowstone volcano explode?

Of course, the last – and perhaps the first – word is always for scientists. However, several years ago they argued that an explosion could happen no earlier than 20,000 years, and now its opinion are revising.

When will the Yellowstone volcano explode? When will the Yellowstone volcano explode?

In the light of recent events, hypotheses about the probability disaster in the coming years. The basis of the assumptions are objective reasons:

  • water temperature increased by 20 degrees
  • after the 100-year-old “hibernation” some have reminded of themselves geysers,
  • earthquakes have become frequent in the caldera
  • animals began to leave the reserve,
  • live webcams are regularly recorded black steam.

Animals and plants

American National Park is interesting flora and fauna. On his 1870 species of plants grow in the territory, 1700 of them you don’t will see nowhere else. 80% of forests are coniferous trees, and Hardwood can be seen aspen, birch and willow.

The reserve is home to about 60 species of mammals, among of which there are bison, black-tailed deer and wapiti, elk, snowy the goats, the kelp currents, the grizzly and baribal bears, the Makenzian wolves, coyotes, wolverines, lynx and cougars. Livestock of Yellowstone Bison is about 4,000 animals, and wild cats can be counted on units.

Animals and plants Animals and plants

Over 300 species of birds nest in the park, including: American crane, pelican, bald eagle.

The cost of entering the park

Yellowstone fixed visit fee – per one a car and all passengers a ticket for 7 days will cost $ 50 from cars, it operates for a year. As we understood, in this amount enters and the passage into the territory of another park located in 16 km from the volcano – Grand Teton.

The cost of entering the park The cost of entering the park

Hotels must be booked from May to the end of September. in advance (because at this time the tourist season falls).

What hotels to stay in?

From our experience, the most preferred hotels in Yellowstone – with the best ratio of the price and conditions is:

  • Green geek
  • Motor inn

What you need to know before visiting the national park?

For the convenience of tourists at the entrance to the territory are issued guides without which to navigate the vast space just impossible. Around the park paved asphalt bypass 150 km long road throughout the reserve marked paths and bike paths.

Tips for tourists:

  • Yellowstone is very large, and it costs 2-3 full ones day;
  • Officially, the “high” season falls in May – September. Informally – in September the weather deteriorates (we moved into the park cloudy autumn day, and after 24 hours left in a whirlwind blizzards;);
  • In late summer and autumn there is a possibility of forest fires (but this will not prevent snow fall). In December and January access to some areas may be limited, some roads are blocked and allowed only with chains;
  • A strict ban on hunting and mountaineering, fishing is possible with license availability;
  • Pet pets can only be walked on a leash in campgrounds, near information centers and on the roadsides roads;
  • Being in the park, grizzly bears are quite difficult to meet. we personally seen deer, moose and buffaloes.

What to see in Yellowstone Park?

We painted our route under the video, and, in principle, it does not distinguished by originality: geysers → Large prismatic Source → Old Faith → Volcanic Lake Yellowstone → Upper and Lower Falls.

Major Attractions in Yellowstone National Park – geysers.

  • Steamboat (Steamboat Geyser) – the largest and most unpredictable: it can emit up to 5,000 tons of boiling water at a time from four days to half a century.
  • Excelsior, located in the center of a mountain lake: a fountain with a roar breaks out at 90 meters, shaking the ground.
  • Old Faithful Geyser (Old Faithful) – the most “tourist”, to take a photo on its background, it’s enough to linger at most a couple of hours, and sometimes 30 minutes is enough.

But geysers are not all that can be seen in the park.

  • In the center of the reserve is the mysterious Yellowstone Lake with black volcanic sand: ebbs and flows here at the same time, and the shoreline changes every time, often reminding zigzags.
  • Throughout the territory there are 290 waterfalls. Impressive The lower waterfall, whose height reaches 95 meters.
  • “Martian” and extremely picturesque Grand Prismatic source with a bright orange border. Water in the source changes shades from yellow to sky blue. Rainbow overflows differ in different times of the year: in summer they are orange-red, and in cold weather years – blue-green. This place impressed us the most, but the whole beauty, alas, is seen exclusively from above. At the human level the eye is only a steaming thing, and from a height is a miracle of the planet Land.

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